Pre weekend round up.


I got pulled into a Gruls pug last night  that consists of  a co-operative sort of of several guilds

None of the three guilds have enough for a 25 man – and they seem to doing ok with this sort of alliance.  Its not an offical alliance,  they call us when they need holes filled.

I was 4th on DM for Gruls ( one shot all the way through ) , and then we did a few attempts on Mags before calling it, If we are on tonite we will try again. I turned down a Black temple invite because I was in Mags, but that raid didn’t do too well either,  I don’t think they got past Najentus ( hence the desperation in picking up pugs)

It was funny because there was a pally healer in the raid who announced over vent ” I’ve got 2400 + healing” I think he was upset because he wasn’t healing the main tank.  Well at the end of the run we had 6 healers, and he got 8% of the healing, while one of the tanks got 6% ( druid tank.. )  now some of that could be his healing assignments, but then the same thing repeated on our Mags Run he was the last healer on the charts – so yeah I thinks he is blowing alot of smoke..

Money pre Patch

I did a little farming  for some Spidy silk and blackened basilisks, then put them on the AH before bed,  and the prices are sitting a good 20-30% less then where they were a few weeks ago.  I might have too start doing dailys just for the consistant income source, I don’t like the monotomy of the dailys, but they are instant gold and if people aren’t buying, or too many people selling because they aren’t raiding its going to be harder to farm for gold.

Dirty Words

A Friend said some ‘dirty’ words to me last night too how he might have to buy some gold to get geared up to get invited to raids. I hope I have convinced him otherwise. He asked my opinion on where he would sit gear wise with people I’m currently raiding with ( Kara Gruls & Mags) and I told him he was scrub rogue. ( nicely )   He has only been 70 a couple of weeks, and has been Pvping to get gear – I’ve been doing the same for my Scrub Mage – but more so that she will be instance viable for her Potion master quest, not so I can step into raids with her  The age old debate of pvp v pve gear has been debated to no ends but he doesn’t have a gear list, so I have been pushing for him to do some herorics and or getting Rep for some of the faction blues/plums you can get.

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