Healing through a drowning:

 I was looking for “Interesting things to do when your bored” and decided to test if I could heal myself through drowning.

I first tried with my Baby human priest ( now level 33) kept her under the surface for the 60 seconds, thew a heal over time on and waited. Sure enough she started convulsing as she drowned and her combat log was showing her losing 277 health ‘per tick’

I had to use her desperate prayer which had no cast time to top her up, as she was losing health too quickly for the renew to be much help, and I found that each drowning tick produced almost a spell pushback so it was harder to use longer spells.

I then tried it on my Shadow Priest ( not in shadow form of course ) with Renews and Flash heal close to hand and she was losing health at a rate of 1773 per tick which when you have 8821 health self buffed, and your flash heals that take 1.44 secs to cast are only healing you for 1600 odd your going down.

I then tested it with a prayer of mending to see if it would consider the drowning as ‘damage’ and it did as the prayer did its healing.

And no . no Priests were harmed during this test.  Just a little fearful of water now. ( it helps if you are sitting just below the surface so when your about to run outy of health, air is close at hand.

And yes this was rather morbid,

2 Responses to “Healing through a drowning:”

  1. 1 Cynra September 28, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    When I was a child, I was involved in a swimming accident where I had to be resuccitated and more or less brought back to life. I had an intense fear of drowning for over a decade that crippled me so much that I could barely bathe in the tub if there was more than a couple of inches of water.

    Therefor, not only do I find your test morbid, but also ridiculously frightful! Better you than me — even if it is in the name of science. <shudders>

  2. 2 pugnaciouspriest September 28, 2008 at 7:48 pm

    Hence the morbid comment – from a wow point the drowning is just part of a game, but from a rl point I realise that it can be rather closer to home. 😦

    I remember drowning in the starting area of the ne’s and the faces still chill me – some things are rather realistic..

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