Internet woes.

For Some reason my net recently has gone bad.

Well at least my net when it comes to Wow today, is around 1000ms odd  at best 2000-3000 at worst  ALL the time. I’ve disabled the downloading of the patch during play and after play, and while doing Bg’s I would keep getting booted off.

I stopped browing news pages with their annoying new flash banners,  disabled anything that could be sucking resources,  reduced my settings, disabled some add ons did a spybot check,  Virus scan, Unkinked my ethernet did some googling on ethernet cables and packet loss – wishing my It geeky friends werent in bed

ahh its gone down to 500 odd now.. and i didnt do anything.

back to 700 odd.  Now I know aussies dont get the best ping,  but ho w much better could we do if we had better connections..  but the only way to do that would be to have servers in oz and that would mean that no aussies would play on american servers, and we would lose contact with so many other people – but thats all been debated before..  and I dont know enough of the technical side to add my 2cents

but I think I have problems.  I know there is a ping test command,  but am still looking for that and apparently there is a registry fix I can try, but I dont want to play with anything untill I actually understand it – so will consult google and some friends.

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  1. 1 natarumah October 2, 2008 at 7:56 am

    Well, assuming you have Windows XP:

    Hit the windows key, then “run”
    Type in the following: CMD
    Hit “Enter”
    You will see an ugly dos-screen come up, all black and functional.
    Type in: ping (or any other website)

    You will get some results, of which “time” in MS is how long it took your ping to reach that website and return. If this number is the one that is very high, it’s your internet connection.

    If you see “request timed out” it means that the time to go back and forth was a lot longer than the packages should take. It can also mean the website you ping is protected from pings.

    You can also do the following in that DOS screen:

    Type in: tracert

    It will show you the route your internet takes to get to that website. Don’t be scared, it is not uncommon to be rerouted from India and China back to Australia to the US. It gives an indication whether your provider isn’t rerouting you too much.

    If it says “timed out” before even passing the first “hurdle” it means that your router may have difficulties, or your internet cable/wireless connection is a bit borked.

    I hope this all does not sound too much like Chinese. This also will just give an indication where roughly the problem could be…

    Hope this is of some use!

  2. 2 natarumah October 2, 2008 at 7:57 am

    Edit: you don’t need the http:// part on the website name when doing a ping. WordPress added that on its own in my comment. ^_^

  3. 3 gnomeaggedon October 2, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    I read somewhere… probably on one of the wonderful WoW blogs whose name now escapes me, that there is a strange way to reduce loading times (and possibly latency??)

    Start up windows media player before starting WoW. Don’t have to listen to anything, just start it, minimize it, and start WoW.

    I was having a good net day when I tried it, so I couldn’t detect noticeable change… but if you are having problems, it can’t hurt to try…

  4. 4 pugnaciouspriest October 3, 2008 at 3:51 am

    Thanks twistedfaith – no packets lost to, and now I also used Netstat to find my server Ip and have pinged that and 4/4 packets received with average 303ms – which is that supposed to translate into what my latencey should be?

    arhhh.. I called my Isp and they said that since Im such a good customer they will send me a new modem. The catch is as soon as they order the new modem it cuts off my old one, and so next day delivery still means I am without net, and I have no idea if they deliver to PO boxes cause my mail is not reliable… So I have to time it right..

    Cheers Gnomer, I’ve not heard of that one, but If I am watchingh DVDs on my 2nd screen, I do have to open up Media player before I open wow or it crashes the system. I never found out the technical side of that though..

    I might go back to bed and sleep some more of my holis 😛

  5. 5 natarumah October 3, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Mediaplayer being used as a performance enhancer is one of those “urban myths” of the net; true or not I do not know, but it persists.

    Defenders say that by opening media player, Windows is forced to allocate resources in a different way (perhaps more graphics-oriented) which allows for WoW to run smoother.

    I personally don’t know if it works. If it does, all the better 🙂

    As for the 303 MS, that is the exact same type of number as the MS lag in WoW. It is the time for the package to travel round-trip. In an ideal world, 303 MS lag on your net means 303 MS lag on WoW. Which is still nasty, but better than you described.

    A new modem could fix things; the fact that your ISP sends you one could indicate they know there are connection issues ^_^.

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