Stuff and the Good and Bad in people.

I brought a new Ethernet cable figuring that at best it should help – and I now just need to work out when to get my new modem,  15 crashes during Mags is embarrasing. Be glad I wasnt a clicker

I crashed twice during Gruls, and still managed 7th on Dps.

But at least we killed Gruls and Mags in one night.  I havent got the title.  I’m not really interested in titles.  I guess the importance of a title was made clear to me when I could have paid 1k gold for the Sunwell title. I am glad I didnt.

I’ve had autoloot turned off for so long, that I forgot how usefull it is when farming.

I’ve been doing the herbal daily on my Mage herb Alt, and my route takes me to the spawning grounds, where lots of herbs spawn near, and the bog lords there seem to more likely herb into a herb rather then junk.

I helped a horde kill some boglords cause he wasn’t herbing them so I figured  the least I could do was help him kill some, so then he logs onto his Alliance level 10 alt to thank me.

I also found my 1st Ninja herber in the spawning grounds,  as I was killing things  the undead rogue stealthed and waited.  The first time I waited, just to see what he would do,  and he waited for me to loot the mob was he was in stealth.  I didnt  loot, and walked off laughing to another mob to kill.  He followed me and went invisible again.  I didnt loot, and killed a few more like that.  Eventually he got bored waiting for me and went off to kill some of his own

And As I was questing on my Level 35 now Holy Priest and Inscriber to be, saw a Level 70 bashing unarmed into turtles in dustwallow marsh,  so I get the whole she is doing it unarmed for kicks thing,  but she was also a squishy mage, so  when she was losing health i threw her a renew as I ran past, and that drew agro so I did the fade thing and she got the mob back, and she then Shooed me away and i mean /shoo  which i felt was a bit rude…

I was in Darkshire on my alt, needing to kill an elite so i /1 LFM for…  in General chat.  Someone invited me to a group.  I see its a hunter,  sounds great.  I meet up with his blue dot to see that he is in the process of one shotting our elite.  Huh? I ask, and then I check his level.  Level 70 – this random had helped me kill an elite with no benifit for himself…  I thanked him and went on my way.  But Ive added him to my Flist so I will remember him for his good deed.

I try and help people by throwing them heals and stuff while out and about even if they just took my kill.  I am bolder this time leveling in asking to group with people to get quests done. Especially if there is a respawn on an elite or such and there are other people in the area.   Most of the time they are happy to group,  but there was one quest where there was a que to kill someone, and I asked politely if the person infront wanted to group.  He didnt reply . 5 min later we are still waiting for the respawn and someone else comes up for the quest.  They also try and get him to group, and he refuses. Mob spawns the ignorer kills it and runs off, and me the others group. Wait 5 min and then kill it. No problems.

Was put in a bit of a moral spot when I saw the ignorer in my questing. A heal from me would save him. Do i or don’t i? – I healed him, and ran off.

Thats the joys of real people.  Your never know what your gonna get.

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  • Just got a press and hold - are you a robot website test, yes! They are evolving maybe I won’t need to click on buses or mountains as much 15 hours ago
  • Gah - the Great Vault ring would have been an upgrade if it didn’t have a bonus when dealing fire damage, for a shadow priest :( 1 day ago
  • Don’t forget Nat’s drinking hat with a +8 to fishing and +10 lure a little better then what you can get for professions/ lures 3 days ago
  • The Tuskarrs have left an extraordinary amount of tackle-boxes around the waterways. 4 days ago
  • Yes do not need overheated magma pools anymore - harpoon upgrades done. 6 days ago

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