Something to be said about Blackout: A Shadow P’s Stun

I like stunning things.

It means they hit me less 

So that is why my up and comming Holy priest has 4 points in Blackout giving me an 8% chance to stun,  ( Level 42 Now) Yes I am leveling her as Shadow.. but as soon as she hits 70 she is going Holy.

Popular discourse is that the Stunning Talents,  found in a Priests and also My fire Mages tier 1 trees are better used for Pvp, and I agree that once you stop questing its probably a waste of points,  however, as my 3rd Squishy when you are being beat upon by monsters, causing spell pushback and damaging my pretty armor. A stun every now and then is very useful.

 and She is still wearing her Leveling pants her tuxedo Pants with 35 + spell damage and 20 Stam Thread on them. And if she ever needs to heal, she can borrow my level 19 Holy Priests + 66 healing Pants – them being non bindable and all that..

About that Holy Priest Twink – Shes sorta parked at a mail box being my ‘go to’ girl round stormwind. The Futilty of playing one BG and trying to heal level 10’s with 200 health got rather annoying.

2 Responses to “Something to be said about Blackout: A Shadow P’s Stun”

  1. 1 Euripedes October 6, 2008 at 7:20 am

    And thus is the conundrum.

    Non twinks feel that twinks ruin the bracket by showing up ridiculously overpowered and slaughtering everything in their path.

    Twinks feel that non twinks ruin the bracket by showing up without even putting an ounce of effort into getting even half decent stamina gear, with no clue how their class works.

  2. 2 Gaming Diva October 6, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    Early on I sunk a few points into that with my Draenei fire mage. It was extremely helpful. I haven’t done it with my Holy Priest though. She is currently level 37.

    I kept hearing it was hard soloing as a Blood Elf holy priest, but so far she has been doing very well. I’m enjoying her immensely.

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