Lunatics – and Wow? What an interesting mix.

I’m a Lunatic I have signed up for

If you have ever toyed with the idea of writing a Novel, Sign up! and there is a Warcraft support community already started by Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick

I’ve done an 80k word story before – and thats sitting unfinished. It was my fault for letting a boyfriend be a Muse, grant him his due he was the one who also wanted to know “What happend next?”

but 50K in 30 days I can do it! 1666 Words per day –

It will mean that I will need to take my laptop to work, and try and write on train to and from.

Mmmm is that an excuse for a new laptop –

I was waiting for a Netbook to have an internal modem, as my 17inc LG notebook is a bit big for the lack of elbow room that is Public transport.

and I have untill Nov 1st to come up with a workable plot.

What better way to spend Wow downtime.

Edit: Apparently all this madness was started by Vonya from the Egotistical Priest
Oh… there is a Widget… mmmm

Best of luck peoples!

1 Response to “Lunatics – and Wow? What an interesting mix.”

  1. 1 breana October 7, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Haha, welcome and thanks for the link! Just for clarification…Vonya from Egotistical Priest is the true mastermind behind this insanity. 😀

    I had a similar experience this weekend while in Office Depot. My husband pointed to a newly mint Toshiba with that really pretty utlra brightness screen that I swear started to spell my name in it’s digital bubble screensaver.

    I must ignore the evil money sinks. Must focus!

    May the plot bunnies come over for tea!

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