A post A post: My Kingdom for a Post.

I am back at Work now after two weeks of blissful – um nothings. There is some uncertainties as to my job so I didn’t splurge on a big holiday.
Now these uncertainties can only end up ok, so at best I would get a choice as to the direction I want to take my life, so I’m not worried, just being cautious.

So in celebration of the on coming of the Patch I had read about a Mags Pug on our realm forums being Monday, by a very respectable guild, so I took a chance and whispered the organisor round the time invites where happening, crossing my fingers that my lag would hold up

and it did, and showing the professionalism of an top raiding guild they lead us to a very smooth easy victory. No luck on the loot, but it was a very easy 3 badges, and sources say I was about 8th on dps which is theoretically where I should be at current spec and gear Pre WOTLK Nerf

But they all worked well together, for Pug it went very well. No loot arguements.
I miss the fine engineering of a guild where they all know the strats and their roles.

and now we wait. Here Patch.. here Patch..

I got my Second priest to 53, almost 54 in my Holidays, and while she is currently shadow spec, the moment her points get reset she is going holy, which seems to be a little more viable now for leveling.

I might get an hour of play time in before downtime when I get home from work today ( Tues my time in Oz) but I am going book shopping after work so I have something to do besides stare longingly at my computer screens. ( kidding about the longingly bit – I chew through books – Currently reading Deserter: a Kris longknife book by Mike Shepard – but I’m almost finished it so I need the next couple in the series.)

So. If you made it this far into the post: I have an offer for you. Do you want a new Banner? Can I play ? Check out the most recent efforts I’ve done on banners Here before you say yes.

I’d like to have a go a some new banners with a purpose as a side project. I like being creative. I need practise. Give me an idea what you want, be it a guild or blog banner and I will concoct a Pugnaciouspriest Orginal for free, and I won’t get upset if you don’t use it, maybe no one will read this far..

I’m hoping to try and download as much of the patch overnight as possible so when I come home from singing lessons Wed I can play it: redo my Talents. Get a hair cut and colour on maybe my main.

I know this was a long one. So ta for reading.

3 Responses to “A post A post: My Kingdom for a Post.”

  1. 1 Suicidal Zebra October 14, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    I would love to have a banner for my Blog, to go with a planned redesign to improve the layout and make it a little less dark all around. I’ve been having a go at one for a while and unfortunately my photoshop-fu has been lacking (or more accurately my GIMP-FU). If you were to create one for me what sort of information would you want to get you started?

  2. 2 pugnaciouspriest October 14, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    What do you want in it – Eg Theme.
    What Colours are prefered?
    Who do you want in it? – Eg a specific Character will need name and realm so I can use your armory.

    For Blog Banners – Exact Text to appear on the banner

    Eg would you like a Zebra on yours? and or a screenshot?

    Send me any Shots/details to Pugnaciouspriest (@) Gmail.com and I shall play 🙂

  3. 3 pugnaciouspriest October 14, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    oh – and size limitation? As banner dimensios at least with wordpress some depends on your theme..

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