1st day into the Patch..

I logged my 70 Mage 1st ( wanting to avoid my main’s guild untill I had settled in)
Dc’d twice in Shatt –
Finally got it all together, and learnt my pets and mounts, sent my 54 priest alot of base herbs I had in storage

Logged into my level 54 Priest – She was in theramore, and only dc’d once.
She headed to Ironforge ( since I figured there would be more people in Stormwind) on the flight there i sorted out her talent points, trained her up and started inscription.

Ran out of herbs I could mill and got to 105 Inscription, and didnt have alot of money on that toon So i logged into my main

Dc’d 20 times no kidding, I’m not sure if it was a combination of my Main who has over 100 days played info combined with the Lag, and the amount of people in Ironforge but yeah it was pretty frustrating.

So I sent my inscriber some money, who then brought some herbs at a inflated price..
and then realised, I had enough Beginning and end herbs, just not enough stacks of the inbetween herbs, ( or incomplete stacks) So i will spend some gold leveling, but once it gets stupid expensive, I will wait a little while till it calms down, and try and do some farming,

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