Stuck at work when there is new Toys to play with.

I got a whole 35 minutes playtime last night before the servers went down for the patch. I did manage to ding  54 on my 2nd Priest – while dodging Devilsaurs in Un’goro.  I’m going to try and level her the rest as a  Holy/Disc Hybrid spec for the rest if the talent points seem viable.

I will be trying to level her inscription tonite as high as possible without going outlands. I’m not sure I have enough stash. Then I need to get those extra 4 levels ( or a mage that responses to Shatt port requests in Trade)

So inbetween reading  Geekologie and all the weird things on there I got the Blizzard downloader going, and got the rest of the patch in slow dribs and drabs.

Hours later. It downloaded and I got to see the new log in screen. Then I had to go to bed.

I have a Singing lesson after work today , so I am looking forward to sitting down to a patched game and playing. As soon as I get home.

I haven’t decided what part of Shadow my Main is going to be. Do I want Dispersion?, I’m thinking maybe between the cooldown reduction of the shadow Fiend, the Spirit Tapping and using Dispersion, losing meditation might be viable for Short to medium boss fights, ( Longer if there are adds that you kill off for a spirit tap) But with the potion sickness debuff I think there is going to be alot of OOMing. Might need to invest in farming some Darkrunes ( if they don’t share a pots cooldown.)

2 Responses to “Stuck at work when there is new Toys to play with.”

  1. 1 natarumah October 15, 2008 at 6:57 am

    Well, I recognize the headache.

    I have a 70 Shadowpriest and Frost mage to respecc, a 64 druid to get inscription on, then disseminate these among my alts…and that is if the servers have any decent uptime on patch day today ^_^.

    As for the Darkrunes, they do not share a cooldown with potions (the express reason to use them) but they do with mana gems and healthstones.

    There are 2 varieties, one drops from the Satyrs in Felwood, and is BoP (also used in some Warlock quest, ahem) and the other one is not bound, and drops off the 60 elite demons in Northern Winterspring.


    Good luck!

  2. 2 2ndNin October 15, 2008 at 10:23 am

    😛 I know that feeling all too well, 4 level 40ish alts, dropping enchanting on one character for herbalism, gathering mats to power level blacksmithing at 80…. and a distinct need for cash.

    All I can say is that tonight will be fun.

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