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My Internet is the Worsest of the Worst. ( writing from work)  Playing WOW with the lowest settings and no sound (I was trying everything to reduce load!)  was getting not fun.

Pages always load eventually,  however when it comes to playing wow sucessfully – on top of the current server issues – *splat – ( So that meant I got to Start Book number 4 of Mike Shephards Kris Longknife book Resolute  If you like Female lead Space Opera/Military Fiction then I am really enjoying the series.

Over the course of the last few days I have:

Fixed my broken Modelviewer.  Theres an updated version hidden somewhere in the Forums – It has fixed everything but female Blood elf models.  Who I quote one of the forum users( which I can’t find exact thread now for.. sorry! “I dress her and she starts attacking…  ”

Updated my Graphics Card driver –

Complained to my ISP  – again ( I use an wireless broadband )  – to be told that my 1000kb connection being throttled down to downloads of 30kb is normal and I would get better service if I used it during the day due to less load, and there is nothing really they can do to fix it. I work during the day. I told them its unacceptable.   So at lunch I brought a new providers modem and plan for a 7 day test. 

Cleaned out my hairdryer – opened the back  – unscrewed it ect ect ( Must do that to PC as well – check fans and so on.)

Ran repair on WOW and almost was like its downloading how much?. ( and with my speed) Forums advised that large amounts downloaded for repair would be better off installing from scratch.  At my current speeds that would take me a month. ( Why don’t they release a wow/bc DVD with all the content and patches on it? I’d still pay something for it..  just for the ease of a reinstall

I also have a Mind-map for where my head is going as to what I want to do if I get presented with some choices in the near future. I need to get more techy then I am I think – I’m a troubleshooter  – done some work on a big project doing testing/BA work because I knew the business – Done some systems support on that same project – I can fix most of my own tech problems, or know when I am out of my depth so I don’t break anything, but I think I just want to do too much.  I should have had this map done 10 years ago when I finished highschool and started a useless uni degree


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