Divide and Gear up..

A new player joined our guild recently. Not yet 70  – when I asked him ” Who’s Alt are you?” he told me who his main was, and his main was an ex guildy from my old raiding guild, but his main had left weeks before we did, and he was now in a higher placed end game raiding guild.

What are you doing in my guild? I asked him.  He said my Gm was impressed with him and invited him.  I then asked him does the Gm know that your an alt? He said that this level 67 Character was going to be his main. ( meaning he hadn’t told the gm)

Later  I whispered my Gm  what I knew about the new addition to the guild.  I also said,  He is a good player, and seems to be an ok person but I thought you might want to know. The Gm didn’t know, and was fine with alts being in the guild as long as they gave 100% – and thats  his call.

Then the penny dropped. Then he says that he is being trained up/geared up to be a main tank. 

Firstly, I know that people will and can change mains,  and that an Alt doesn’t necessarily mean that they will put in less effort, but I don’t think I am being paranoid when I question the motivations of a player who has a main in a top end raiding guild and they want their new ‘main’ to be in a guild where most players had their 1st Za clear after the Patch, where we are lucky if we do a 10 man raid once a week, and half the core players are often in a 3  hour different timezone to server time and can’t raid during the week at all. They do, do alot of 5 mans and herorics though, which would be useful for someone needing gear.

This is my prediction: We will help him gear up, and he will either leave us for his mains guild or find a higher guild to support him, but there is never any way of really predicting the returns you get in your investment into a single player.

You can’t garantee that even I will stick around. The people I owe a loyalty to are not in my guild or even on my server.  I owe them nothing, and they owe me nothing – but I like them as people and players, but I completely  disagree with banking on a main tank who has divided loyalties.

I felt guilty telling the Gm – that he was an Alt –  but would have felt worse if I had not.  I doubt this players intentions, and I will not do gearing runs for someone who never mentioned the important fact that he has another toon in a high end raiding guild. I am not even sure that they would look too kindley that one of their raiders is on line in another guild – looking to make a serious attempt at End game with his new main. ( alot of them have strict policies)

Yes I have two characters I regularily play out of guild – and its my choice to not have them in a guild ( they are my Banks) and for the right guild I would bring them over,  especially since I no longer need the huge collection of herbs one of them stored for inscription ( 295 – and when she gets to outlands  she will be able to max it to 350 for now)

I guess Im judging him, and I’m almost the pot calling the kettle black – except I never guilded my ‘other’ toons because I did not want them in my mains guild – and I didn’t want to raid with them – as it would not be fair.  I understand the need to be away from a guild, especially when other peoples alts need gearing up or run throughs and they ask constantly for runs. I do not want to spend half my time on my main playing running people through stuff.  I think people are too impatient these days when it comes to leveling.  Everyone wants it now – they want 70 more then they want to do quests. Or maybe I’m the odd one because I like the challenge of leveling, of soloing, of thinking strategically to solve a problem when something is hard.

But above all I believe having two characters in 2 different active raiding guilds is a division of prorities – add that he wasn’t upfront about it  makes me very wary in helping this character in anyway.

We had a wanna be twink in one guild I was in, who always asked for runs, advise, money, bank contents, free enchants – we helped him reroll and start from scratch and gear, untill we found out that his main was Horde on another server and was using us to level a twink quite sucessfully.

There are people who will quite happily use other people to get what makes their game experience better. I for one do not want to be taken a a sucker.

2 Responses to “Divide and Gear up..”

  1. 1 Gevlon October 22, 2008 at 10:02 am

    You are absolutely right in not spending your time boosting another player. He plays the way he wants but it’s him who must be able to support his chosen way of life!

  2. 2 kyrilean October 22, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    Agreed. I think you did the right thing. We made it very clear in our guild that if you’re on and we’re raiding, we expect you to be available until such time as you are not in the final selection and we definitely appreciate anyone that can stay available for substitutions, although we don’t require that.

    What we seriously have a problem with is the people that are on and playing during raid times, but won’t raid. Not wanting to is one thing. Not doing is another. It’s a raiding guild and people are counting on you. Sometimes for the good of everyone you have to do things you don’t want to.

    We actually had one guy get kicked after getting frustrated training new people in Kara and decided to log off to raid with his other guild. Ironically, his friend that invited him is the one that /gkicked him. 🙂

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