Another Side Project to do.

I need to maintain my newfound skills using GIMP – and I need a little side project.

I like creative side projects.

So would anyone like a new free banner?

If you like the style of my Banner  – and you need a new blog banner.. or even a guild one

Then I would be ok with trying to do a couple

This could fail terribly.. 

I am not promising a masterpeice or even a 2 day turn around. but practise makes perfect.

So before you say yes. Have a look at the styles I did  for my new banner and the Guild banner,  I did here. New Banners 

and this one. Which I’m a little proud of..  This version  doesn’t have the  title as I am waiting on an offical ” I like it’ to Publish the final copy, and it would make more sence once I did, so here….

But This Gift horse has some requirements.
What is it? – Blog or Guild Banner?
What do you want in it – Eg Theme.
What Colours are prefered?
Who do you want in it? – Eg a specific Character will need name and realm so I can use your armory.

For Blog Banners – Exact Text to appear on the banner
For Guild Banners – Exact guild name, and Do you want the realm name on there too?

If you want a screenshot or two involved I will need the links/copy which can be emailed my my email addy ( If you aren’t sure right click on the image in your banner space now, click properties and find the dimensions.) as I need to know how much space I have to play with.

and VERY IMPORTANT also exact dimensions of the banner.

Must be Wow related
As Creative director I have some leyway to say no to things that are just too hard or too silly to do
I won’t do offensive banners.
I won’t be insulted if you chose not to use the final product.

More disclaimers

This is not being done for commercial reasons, I’m not a graphic designer, and I’ve followed some links on Forums where people have offered money for a banner/site and besides most of what is produced being crap there is always some drama with the payment/skill

4 Responses to “Another Side Project to do.”

  1. 1 Kanandi October 28, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Hmm, I’m mostly just intersted to see what you come up with. Im always fascinated by you “artistic types”, and spent a good three days coming up with the somewhat simplistic banner on my own site (see link).

    If you really feel generous, I’d love to see some sort of priest-tanking background since that’s how my guild runs usually go. it’s become a pretty steady inside joke that trash pulls go best if Kanandi has some alcohol, shields herself, and tanks the adds. *grin* Our sacred guild-totem is the [Brewfest Pony Keg], after all.

  2. 2 pugnaciouspriest October 29, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    righty.. I will see what I can come up with for a guild banner for u..

  3. 3 Kanandi October 29, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    Amazing! Better than I would have imagined.
    Kudos to you, and thank you very very much!
    How do you know what Kanandi’s currently wearing? I’m kinda new to the armory scene, but it’s pretty neat that you got the model of her gear all setup like that.
    Earthmother’s Blessing protect you!

  4. 4 pugnaciouspriest October 29, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    wowmodelviewer has up armory upload feature – which only uploads gear not the skin and random guess as to the face and hair..
    Glad you like it 😛

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