Nanowrimo day 5 – New Guild – New Flat – and More writing..

I fell by the wayside on day 5 – I have a deficite of a couple of hundred for day 5  – Trying to do too much.

I have been busy.  This week I have

1. Changed my mains guild. AGAIN.  I am back with some of my old  raiders  differnt guild name, alot of familar faces. – I still don’t know all the reasons why my old raiding guild blew up as it did.  I left at the right time, and I feel a little bad for leaving the guild I went to after the big break up.  They are good – happy people,  just  I didn’t want to stay, and Ive been told I think too much, so I went with my Gut…    Being back in an active raiding guild means that i am playing my main more, and have been leveling my holy priest slower.  She is 66 now, and I really want to get her to 70 – So this weekend is my last quite weekend for ages So I will try my hardest.

I’ve already done a Kara clear with my new guild,  we had random Afks throughout so we were 8-9 manning alot of it, but when we came together everything died so quick.  Even though I had been doing Kara clears before nerf, it feels disapointing how easier some of the encounters have become even when were were sorta of gearing 1 or 2 people in the run.   

A question came across guild chat ” remember the crappy rogue such and such…” 

I reply “yes,  but he wasn’t crap.”


‘Yeah he was pretty good..  ”

It turns out it was the crappy rogue on an alt – fishing to see what i would say.   /slap  and I did mean what i said he was good, and a decent guy..  i did a couple of runs with him a while back, but he was one of those people i’ve keept on my flist for ages.

2.  have found a flat to buy! – It has city views ( not really – on a clear day with Binoculars maybe.. ) but I LOVE the kitchen, it has a cutout space which I could make into a breakfast bar, a seperate dining, two bedroom, the Strata is ok with 1 cat, so I am jumping to the moon!  Saw it available on Monday – inspected tuesday and am signing thursday to take it off market. Its the right time to buy! – I found a place I want to call home. It also means I can get ADSL. wootage!

3. Entered a Sci Ficcy writers comp for a sci Ficcy event thats happening on the weekend.  ( i have to attend to be elligible for prize money ) So I will see how that goes.

4. I have a a singing concert at the end of November I am practising for / have to attend extra rehersals closer to date for..

5. Am halfway through another writers comp piece ( only 500 words this one, so i’m happy where its going…  so theoretically I have written  my allocation of fictional words today,  just not all on the same thing.

6. I am now off to try and read some before bed.  Have finished Mike Shepards Series, and am now onto Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, I didn’t read them when they first came out because i had just finished reading a couple of young adult vampire books and I needed to read something else, but I’m enjoying it. Lamenting i will need to cut my book buying budjet with a mortgage..  Library here I come!

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