Holy Nova for Shadow Priests



Aoe. I haz it.

Shadow Priests for the time being since  3.0.2  have a holy AOE, which I have been putting to use as much as possible because I just like the idea of blowing things up, and I like seeing all those pretty numbers flashing up on my screen as I do damage.  No longer am I useless on the mob pulls in Kara.  We don’t need a mage for AOE anymore! I have been using my burst of goodness as often as possible,  on the non elites just after Hex lord in ZA, On the Skellys in Auchindon: Auchenai crypts, and even bunched up elites when we have a pally tank. I just get in there and blow away.

I was hoping that I would get to do some Strath on my shadow priest now that I can kill the rats. Do you know how embarrasing it was dying from of all things a plague of rats because I couldn’t Aoe anything when those gates closed. Trying to solo Strath and being  bitten to death, Mortifying.  Alas I was rushing my holy priest to 70 last night so I parked my Shadow Priest in stormwind harbour  to wait for me to install WOTLK.

The downside of Holy nova is that its holy. It does require me to come out of Shadow,  but its worth the mana on all the nerfed content, and its fun!

I can now do AOE farming. Those Basilisks are doomed, if only I could get enough of them to stay in a group long enough for me to kill them. ( They have a tendancy to run away.. )

And in breathless anticipation.. 

At level 75 we will get Mind Sear


Its nice,  but its slightly on the mana expensive side, has a decent range ,and it will depend on what damage actually gets done when you add your +damage  – I wish I could have played with it in Beta.

I do not have WOTLK yet. I am waiting till after work to get it. But I have cleared tonite of social obligations so I shall be able to play.

3 Responses to “Holy Nova for Shadow Priests”

  1. 1 Shastarian November 13, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    I can’t wait to see the new SPriest AoE. Pity that it’s channeled, but still, we should see some mind-popping numbers with that!
    I have to wait until after work, too. The other half is picking up our copies and hopefully, everything should be installed and hunky-dory by 5pm.
    Hrm … might think about chucking a sickie after lunch …

  2. 2 kyrilean November 14, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Darn, now I want to level my shadow priest first. Better stick to my healer though. Can’t wait.

  3. 3 george February 24, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    This was great in Utgarde Keep were the skeltons swarm the tanks and dps.

    I just jumped in and clobbered the lot like a juice maker in a fruit stand , the hundreds of damage points that I racked up were more than fun to watch as I could increase my health and all around me at the same time …. nice aura

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