Early days in Northrend

As I sit here waiting for my 756 person Queue on my realm to tick over, 21 min – 33 min – 45 min – 23 min I shall use this time to reflect on my early days in Northrend.

There’s the complete and utter choas  – there’s the fierce competition for mobs, and I have to Shadow word death,  to tag a mob, there’s the lack of civility and curtesy when trying to get quest objects and yes you probably have seen and witnessed it. Be ruthless – but be fair.  I’m adding the worst people to my ignore list, trying to appeal to peoples common sence if they are trying to jump Queue and Aoe a spawn point when there are 6 other people waiting.Grouping as often with people who need the same mob.

“Why Should I? Its who ever gets it.” Said one person when I asked them to wait their turn ” Its not like anyone did it for me.” 

 I replied ” Then be the nice person and not the ahat”

This person is probably a nice person, a decent player,  but circumstances has made it survival of the fittest – regardless they are on my ignore list.   Because if playing a game can make them so mean now..  what will they do when they want something else down the track. 

Theres also a lot of good – Its like a reunion, everyone is back,  you could find yourself questing or grouping with the realm god from the forums, or that guild trade channel spammer. A lot of people will try and group for single target quests. Its worth asking – or perhaps less polite but to the point, invite them to a group – your both there for the same reason so why not.

I’m  72 Now which may not win the record for the fastest leveler,  I did it in my available spare time this weekend, and my entire saturday was wiped out with social committments. Theatre and an Irish pub or two.

but my leveling will be steady, and I will get to 80 soon enough. The 1st time.

I did get quest helper, which has been invaluable,  I hate to think of the time i would have wasted if i had to go explore myself.  I am saddened by how much I like quest helper. I never used it before on any of my toons,  and I do feel like I’m cheating by using it. I like the idea of being a poineer,  but making life easy is nice.

/sigh – too nice.

I do feel like I’m cheating – why bother reading the text when you know where to go by pressing M. I doubt any of the new 80’s got there without either prior knowledge eg in Beta or using something like quest helper. ( Or paying their little brother to grind for them at work. )

Its changed the dynamic of the game for me now in a bad way – I enjoyed leveling my 2nd and 3rd 70 – sure I used some tricks along the way by buying quest materials when i could, or doing the Hallows end quests for the xp, as well as, as many cloth hand ins at the lowest level in major cities for the most xp, I’m going to be reliant on questhelper now.

Its like when I played Age of civilisations i think it was,  as soon as i discovered the Photon men cheat – and I could send photon men out to protect my villages instead of warriors,  or when I found a particular piece of Art in the Sims1 that increased in value after 24 hours when you sold it.  None of my sims ever worked a real job again.  ( It wasn’t a hack honest – It was legitimate art investment trading.)   The way I played changed – the reason I played changed.

I need to get to 80 asap if our guild wants to have a decent shot at part of  being amongst the first progressive raiding guilds on the server.  Trying to level echanting, Tailoring, Cooking, and Fishing along the way – Cook what I fish – DE what I tailor, and Its best I do it as I go, or hoard all the materials  – and then it will be the cloth grind for first aid, and mats for pots and what not, just like a good little raider.-

4 Responses to “Early days in Northrend”

  1. 2 Brajana November 19, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    I know what you mean about Quest Helper. I like Quest Helper a lot, and I use it on my alts because I’ve already done the quests before, I might as well make it easier. But I like to savour the new content, so while I’m leveling my Hunter through Northrend for the first time, I’m trying to experience it all myself, and while I’ve occasionally had to consult Wowhead, I’m trying to figure things out by reading through the quest text. Most of the time they make it pretty simple anyway, and it’s amazing the things you can find when you’ve gotten lost!

    It may be a little slower to go without Quest Helper, but I’d recommend it anyway. The designers put a lot of work into these quests, and it’s nice to know the reason you are going here and killing that, other than just “to get to 80.” 🙂

  2. 3 thomas December 31, 2008 at 5:11 am

    “trying to appeal to peoples common sence”……………maybe its not so common 😛

  3. 4 george February 23, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    I did my first Northend dungeon at lvl 68 as a near to holy priestess. I was taken by 4 dwarves , (haha) to the Uthgarde Keep given a hundred in gold to “buy a proper mount” , I luv my lil eponee ,( don’t take money from strangers duh?) and then escorted around the dungeon by the 4, 80 lvl players who healed themselves more than I could. I got this niffty +123 dagger and an achievment award at the end. That was one tough dungeon. I literally got stunned all the way through. Hope I helped them.!

    Later on running it at lvl 70 with a single 80 with a bad attitude ie I’ll do what I want thing never even got to the Kelestra place. We wiped on entry as the 80 pulled all 8 mobs in the entry , even the saped ones so he could clobber em. Errrr clobered we got not 10 steps into the dungeon. That is a dungeon as many others require a bit , a lot of planning to get through and these tanks lads just did not have the ablity to use their smarts ( hahah I use that very loosly) to advantage. Wow is all these dungeon gotta be hack and sack lvl 80 bozo fests? Common a challenging dungeon were you can wipe is much more fun — if you now what fun is , ie getting along with teamsmates and running a coordinated strategdy to win.

    but allas just blame the healer ( for not kicking tank butt) if the tank has no brain

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