The Sadness in Northrend -Emotional responses in Gaming

I found most of Northrend sad, now that I’m 80 I can reflect back on some of my questing, and to be honest some of the storys in the quests almost brought a tear to my eye.  Betrayal, torture, loyalty, honor,  I agree with the concensus that alot of work when into those quest lines and just from the variety of things to do  – see  – listen – understand. It was a very ‘dark’ experience. They were sucessful because there were so many that got an emotional response out of me. More for the sadder/happy quests then the collecting ones..

There’s already been discussion on the morality of some of the quests in northrend. Namely the torture Quest The Art of Persuasion at Amber Ledge in the Borean Tundra where you get to poke a guy with a rod for information – and given the quest doesn’t auto complete you can keep on poking him untill you get bored.  There is also the Tormenting the Softknuckles Quest from Frenzyheart Hill in Sholazar Basin where you also poke these adorable little baby monkey type creatures and they run around feared to bring out the Hardnuckle Matriach.


( Image from Petopia Softknuckle)

I felt like such a big meany! – but it was interesting to do… and kind of funny watching them run around the compound screaming.  Yes there is a massive difference between playing a game and reanacting that on real animals. Still it was with mixed feelings of regret and glee that I performed the necessary actions to complete the quests.

 Another thing I found sad was the freeing the Trapped Mammoth Calves in the quest Help those that cannot help themselves.  There was alot of competition for the spawns when I first did the quest to find and free the poor calves, but riding back through the area, I took this screenshot as a reminder because the poor calf was making some disturbing noises in its distress, and I had a moment of regret that I had finished the quest and did not have the right hammer to save him.  I had to ride past the poor thing wishing I could have helped ( after I did the touristy thing by taking a ss)


Another quest which sparked an emotional response from me was the quest Planning for the Future in Dragon Blight.  You needs to  steal Collect 12 Snowfall Glade pups  because the quest giver fears “However, I worry that in our zeal, too many of them will be slain. ” You kill the den mothers who ( because its a daily) barely have given birth to another pup before you kill them and steal the pup.”   I am part of that zeal that is depriving these poor pups of their parents. I am being used!

The story played out in the quest The Truth shall set us free  was also a sad scene where you redeem the forgotten sailors, who had followed Prince Arthas – and he in response to an order to return back to Lordaeron says “Uther had my troops recalled? Damn it! If my warriors abandon me, I’ll never defeat Mal’Ganis. The ships must be burned before the men reach the shore”

What struck me was words said by the Captain in the ghostly scene you see acted out before you –  before we find out that Arathas will have revenge at the cost of his men

“Forgotten Captain says: Look alive, lads! Today might be the day we leave this cursed land! O’ sweet Ironforge, how I missed ya! ”  He just wanted to go home.

The expansion quest lines have been a sucess for me – because I have gotten emotionaly involved, or had a reaction  to the stories  – and It wasn’t just the sucessful feeling of completing a challange.

Having said that – while wandering round Grizzly Hills I found some familar characters. ( Names changed of course)

What did I do?

Killed them.


9 Responses to “The Sadness in Northrend -Emotional responses in Gaming”

  1. 1 krizzlybear December 4, 2008 at 5:36 am

    You killed Bambi’s mom? HOW COULD YOU!?


    But all silliness aside, I agree with pretty much everything you said. I’m surprised you didn’t mention wrathgate, but the event really speaks for itself.

  2. 2 pugnaciouspriest December 4, 2008 at 5:40 am

    Yep – With a Wand. Think I even got a skill point.

  3. 3 Esdras December 4, 2008 at 11:36 am

    I think each expansion has a kind of theame and with WOTLK its about the evil death knights and scurge, death, killing, murder etc.

    The DK starter quests are actually pretty brutal haha.

    • 4 Dzoni March 12, 2013 at 3:14 pm

      The only MMO for the 360 that I know of is Phantasy Star Universe but that game is like WAY different than WoWCharacter Customization Fable 3, Oblivion, Dragon Age: Origins, PSURaces Oblivion or DA:O, milnay OblivionFighting Types all 4 of the above, each with ther own weaknesses/strengthsOnline Fighting PSU Fable 3Quests allMy choice would be Oblivion T2SI don’t know too much about WoW but I think the abilities and powers you have in it have cooldown times, if so then the combat aspect of DA:O is similar to WoW

  4. 5 Merlot December 4, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    I’m completely with you. I have to take a break from questing sometimes because it’s so bleak and upsetting! The Taunka story breaks my heart (I have a soft spot for taurens). I really like the way quest lines are more integral to the story of the expansion, and feel much more engaged with what’s happening. I hate Arthas and want to stop him, even if I have to do some morally dubious things to get there. Hmm, that doesn’t sound so good now I write it down…

  5. 6 Brajana December 4, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    I totally agree, just this morning I was thinking about this kind of stuff. Going through Zul’drak and killing the trolls, seeing them become corrupted and tortured… as a troll myself, it actually hit a soft spot. When the Lich King appears at the end of that particular line, he acts slightly amused by the situation, and it actually made me hate him a bit more.

    There is a lot of sadness in Northrend, and the quests are amazing. It really does motivate me to run instances and raids and kill bosses, unlike some places in Outlands where I wasn’t exactly sure why I was killing someone.

  6. 7 Seri December 4, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    I just wish I’d quit encountering quests where someone Evil dupes you into helping them and then runs off cackling at the end. No wonder Azeroth is in so much trouble, with heroes as inept as we are. It’s kind of a tired plot device at this point. 😛

  7. 8 pugnaciouspriest December 5, 2008 at 12:31 am

    @Esdras – I guess If wanted happy I could always play hello kitty,
    @merlot – Take heart he will die! Its made me want to read more lore – and understand the stories – take a break from questing by killing other players in Pvp 😛
    @Brajana – Ive met the man a few times now.. ( Lich) and he really doesn’t seem interested in killing me, he has written me off as a threat, and that annoys me. Just wait
    @Seri – The things we do for gold and reputation

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