Pugging – and a shiney Belt buckle.

I’m still guildless – I’ve  been quite happy pugging herorics and other things like a   a Vasj kill and a BT Clear  –  It was so cool to just breeze through that content and also to play with some people I knew from other guilds and random people and all the fun that sometimes comes.  Eg  A lv 80 Hunter not knowing how to /roll.  Really.

Had a few guild offers, from someone in the city asking me was  if I  looking for a raiding guild, and also from the people I’ve done runs with, 

In some runs I helped keep the tank up – I even tank healed ( in Shadow Spec) for the Illdari council raid was so OP we were running on minimal healers. I was being a tool in all its glorious glamour.. Healer dies, I heal – no wipe – dps going down faster then the healer can heal them and the tank – throw a shield up – Mindcontrol a mob when we pulled a pack that was hitting the tank for harder then the healer could heal – thats the game I like playing. Its fun using all my tools to help facilitate a run. Important word is all. I love being shadow. I don’t mind losing my shadow skin temporarily but hands off my Shadow Tree!

I’m almost hit capped. I have been saving mats/money to buy the Ebonweave Robe as I can’t craft it yet – but I can make the ebonweave  ( 4 day cool down /cry )  that will take me well over the hit cap. I would have had it earlier but I finally got my 5k gold together for my Epic flyer, and now I can’t live without it.

and for you casters – incase you haven’t already..  Get a Beltbuckle.   I must have missed the memo about the Eternal Belt Buckle It adds a socket to your belt and you can stick what gem you want in it. I like it. Thats an extra slot to add what ever pretty gem is your desire

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  1. 1 Esdras December 23, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Nice blog, i had no idea about the belt buckle hahaha will need to go buy some.

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