The Tagless Ronin.

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I think because of the raiding fever/fevour that there are less people tagless.
You still see some people around – ie Me. In decent gear, but tagless. Before Wrath there were alot more, but now people seem to have settled back into homes.

To be honest I’m not looking. I am waiting, and I can patient for the right place. I’ve had a few good offers as I have been pugging alot, trying to get my name and what I can dop out there.. and also see how other people and other guilds interact. –

I am not a bad person or player. I don’t ninja, I have what I think an excellent moral and fairness compass. I like learning. ( though I question the shadow priest with 2k spell cap and 150 hit telling me that for Bosses in Herorics you don’t need to be hitcaped, the correct answer should have been = not as high hit and certainly not as low as 150. I’m 1767 Sp now with my innerfire, and hitcapped at 292 ( t7 took some hit off me 😦 ) I do my best in my power to get the best of what I can – Damn useless Ebonweave Robe! T7 sideways upgrade,

( I did a bad and requested loot rules confirmation from a Raid leader on a Wintergrasp Vault Pug because I noticed that they had made themselves Master Looter. So In raid I asked for confirmation before we killed the boss. – reason being was that I had been spruiking what we needed in General and then in Dalaran when we were missing spots – my name was the ‘face’ of this pug regardless of who the raid leader was, and ninja’s happen.. and I didn’t want it to happen on my raid. We killed him! The Irony was that 2 peices of t7 Priest Loot dropped, Gloves and Chest and I was the only priest so I got both. I felt really really bad about that… but it was luck.. and they all got an easy badges and shards )

What do I want – so many things. Would rather they be Sydney based of drinking age.. because I still believe that tighter ties are made when there is a Real life component – and silly me picked a class I love, and a faction I love on a different server/faction to my real life friends – because basically i didn’t want to be babysat – wanted to find my own game, and I have, and its not with them 😦

4 Responses to “The Tagless Ronin.”

  1. 1 gevlon December 28, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    You did right to got your own game on your own server. Your game is not so easy as it would be with them, but you definitely learn more.

    If you want more hit, you can get the PvP cloak (ascendancy), and running BGs doesn’t need guild.

    When the new-year stuff is over and raiding starts again, I’d suggest to set the aim high. You could advertise something like “hitcapped, 1800SP shadow priest looking for guild doing Shatarion with dragon(s) alive”. The appropriate people will notice it.

  2. 2 krizzlybear December 29, 2008 at 3:25 am

    Now that you’ve “grown up” and don’t need to be babysat, there’s always the option of paid server transfer. If you and your friends are up to it, I’m sure they won’t mind pitching in if the price is right.

  3. 3 pugnaciouspriest December 29, 2008 at 3:41 am

    They all horde.. and some on a Pvp server. /cry I had to be different you see..

  4. 4 Esdras December 29, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Get them to all reroll hahaha

    I feel your pain TBH at my work there is 4 of us that play WOW and im the only Alliance.

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