Its a small World.. and a smaller realm.

I’ve been pugging all sorts of Heroics – am currently after Badges and Rep – and I have met a multitude of people, and received a couple of guild invites from semi raiding guilds to friendly guilds. Seen my share of idiots, and wiped too many times on Voilet hold because the tank didn’t know where/how to kite Xevozz the Etheral Boss with the glowey balls..  or the oppskin ( sorry you boomers.. )  got caught on the wrong side of the balls regardless of the “Stand here”  /jump /jump – 

I’m not QQing too hard about Pugs,  I’ve met some great people, and professionals, some fun people, and some people who learnt things, however my rule is 3 strikes and its often hopeless- unless we are almost sucessfull then there is enough hope to keep pug synergy alive for one more shot.

If I get a good group, we normally do more then 1 heroic,  it was in one of these pugs I got to chatting, a guy and a girl  and found that two of them lived near me, they offered me a place in their guild, I explained I had an app in elsewhere,  but thank you anyway. We got along well so we added each other as friends , another log in later, and they asked did Iwant to add them to facebook and told me their names.

Checking their profile, and I found I knew one of them from a local scene in Sydney..  – I had even had lunch with him years back – I freaked him out when I remember where he used to work.

Another similar thing happened when in my old raiding guild  it turned out that one of the guild members was a friend of a good friend of mine, and had even been the my house for a party a while back.

I know statistically that given I play on an oceanic server if I know someone who plays Wow that its about a 15% chance of them being on my server ( thats a rough guess.. ) but I’ve found it a little freaky that people I didn’t know play wow – but ‘know’ through some random person or event – that I have ended up having some contact with ingame as well. 

Asking these randoms I meet  – at partys/housewarmings/singing /writing groups – Hey are you a gamer? – Has not lead to, too many  – Yes’s though.

There was a time when I got a call from a workmate who was at a party and  was talking to a guy who played wow, and she had to tell him that I played and proceeded to put this random guy on the phone with me  – so we could talk, 

“So what server are you on?”  He asks.. we weren’t on the same ” Yeah!”

He said if your ever on my server look me up and I’ll help you..

Hows that for a pick upline..   Roll on my server and I’ll run you through some dungeons…

2 Responses to “Its a small World.. and a smaller realm.”

  1. 1 Gaming Diva January 5, 2009 at 9:43 am

    That’s an interesting pickup line. 🙂 None of my close friends play WOW so that experience hasn’t happened to me yet. Occasionally I’ll talk about WOW and for the most part people have no idea what I’m talking about. 😉

    speaking of PUGs I enjoy them. I’m in one at least once each time I log onto WOW, and I also run instances with my guildmates. I’ve met a lot of great people through PUG’s and we regularly pair up to do groups. Naturally I’ve met people that weren’t so great, I’ll give them another chance if they aren’t awful (I understand that you can have an off day) but after that they make their way to my ignore list.

  2. 2 Esdras January 5, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Haha nice story,

    Same thing happened to me about a year ago, the top guild at the time on our server was the dragon.

    I was chatting to there GM after doing a HC and he was saying someone else in the guild was from Aberdeen.

    Turned out we went to the same college.

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