Guilded again..

I am now guilded again in a raiding guild as a initiate raider.  I got the invite before shutdown so I had time for a brief rundown, and was told to sign up for raids for this week.

In my interview: “You may be required to respec, is this ok?”- I refered back to my guild application where I had answered that question and said no.

I found myself repeating the party line – “I am prepared to be flexible” I didn’t actually say yes..  but a degree of flexibilty is reasonable. I’m a reasonable person. My hesitation at answering that question was obvious, and without rehashing the arguement, 

being a bad healer v being a good shadow priest.  

Chasing tanks and healing stupid people in Aoe v Face melting & avoiding Aoe

Being a Facilitator v being an Action Jackson Jack of all trades Mana – Health – Damage bringer…

Shadow P wins hands down. ( give me my due, I appreciate good healers and am not trying to belittle the job they do, or the fun that they have playing a healing spec, but I liken it to that I love singing and writing, but not painting)

I was assured that I would only be required to respec if ‘needed’  sounds familar…..

I was also advised that I am not geared enough for 25 Mans, would I be willing to run Heroics and 10 Mans ?- Of course … I need to clarify their pug rules though in case I get a lucrutive opportunity.

My fear though is I am not good enough for 25 man DPS – but they will want me as holy in a 25. Which means I won’t be able to dedicate my time to bettering my DPS gear to get a DPS place and since 25 mans are DKP  I won’t get a look in at any loot untill everyone else gears up.

“Do you still want to join?”  I was asked in the interview.

The last two weeks guidless have been far from lonely, Ive Pugged raids, and heroics sucessfully,  I’ve Pvp’d,  I’ve cooked,  I’ve not logged in till late, or logged off early because I wanted to do something else, go somewhere, I got my Epic flyer finally, worked on my reputations,  I have had alot of fun. I’m going to miss it. Without being doom and Gloom I wonder if I will last my trial.

 But I did say “Yes”

Note –

 I have  300 Hit,  I need 290 for cap.  I have a ring upgrade waiting for when I can pick up another 18 or so Hit, but weather its because of our Hit bug ( our hitcap is 105 or so due to a talent bug alledgedly) or there just isn’t hit in enough of ourgear, I’m finding alot of higher +damage  Shadow Priests  – better  geared  sometimes no where near hitcap

So whats going to happen when it gets fixed.  Miss … Miss..  Miss..

So I guess untill then I should stop passing on Epics in that don’t have hit on them eh..

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  1. 1 Esdras January 7, 2009 at 11:14 am

    Grats on the guild.

    I must admit ive been mising shadow lately i raided at 70 as a shadow priest and its an imensly fun spec to play.

    I toyed with the idea of going back but i have 0 hit with no gear for it so it was slowly but on the back burner.

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