New Guild – One week on

As of tonite shutdown it would have been a week in my new guild, and probably the most ‘professional’  well manner one t0date.

There’s internal rivalries ( mainly between tanks :P) People who have fellow guildys on ignore/mute, and little dramas which aren’t foreign to any guild.   but they all seem to be a decent bunch of people and players, with a few familar people from various places in my  wow history.

I’m not having to listen to conversations about guildys and cats ( don’t ask – but it wasn’t funny the first time of a thousand in a previous guild. This guild will joke and tease each other but it hasn’t crossed the line of disgusting and demeaning. I like the general feel of this new standard of talk.

 I have a designer tag, and I  feel that I’m worthy of it.

I’ve done a full 10 man naxx clear, helped finish off a  25 man naxx clear, including Saph and Kel, I’ve gotten epics, and now am just shy of +2000 Spell power self buffed while remaining well over hitcap.  Ive Tanked a four horseman on normal while keeping my shadow tree and healing myself  ( yeah for no respec!) I did a Horde Boss raid and got my Bear, I did the Jenkins achievement and got my surname,  I’ve done other 25’s, and 10 mans  – done retro raids,  I’ve been busy, and I’ve had a lot of fun,   and I know honeymoons come to an end, and its hard to maintain the same levels of elation constantly and ask me in a week and I’m sure I will have something to moan about,  but I’m happy now, and happiness is not just loot,  its company, its achievement, its fun, its challange, its feeling wanted, important, and being a contributing member of the team,

When I first joined  I was told that my gear may not be good enough for a 25 man,  and while I haven’t done a full 25 man Naxx, the  feedback on my dps in the 10 & 25’s I’ve done,  , plus the upgrades ( new shoulders, blade and ring, )  plus the badge gear/worthy rep gear – I’m certainly not putting myself or my class to shame.  I’m also not dying in fires.

I’ve said before  that there have been guilds that I have left that which by doing so have made me a better player, and this is not just loot,  its class understanding and application of your class. Its good to be able to bring what I know to a raid in this guild, and be able to show that I can be a great raider,

2 Responses to “New Guild – One week on”

  1. 1 Larísa January 13, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Great to hear that the new guild seems to fit you so well, after all the trouble you’ve gone through. Keeping my fingers crossed it will work out after the honey moon as well. (Even though a well working guild often doesn’t provide as interesting blog posts as a dysfunctional one…)

  2. 2 kyrilean January 13, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    Good luck and I hope it stays fun!

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