Pugnacious Pugging..

Wowgrrl shows us that while pugs can be bad they can also be entertaining.

I will admit to getting some amusement at some of the pugs I have been in. I don’t have to enjoy them… but

Eg this week.
Tank ” I need to go Afk – my sister will be tanking for me.”
Hesisitant ok comes from rest of party. We wipe.
Tank “Oh Im so sorry – My sister ran away.. ”

Wipe on 1st boss in VH
Healer: “I don’t feel like grinding” – Doesn’t step in door. Instance gets restarted.
Me to tank : Uh.. you started it again without the healer..
Tank keeps killing.
Me: Guys its a wipe..
Tank keeps killing
Me /shadowmeld ( useless I know – but still.. )
We all die. ( but healer who has since left party)
Tank to me “Having a QQ are you?” kicks me from group.

At the very least my pugging has provided me with fodder for a new Add on I installed called Do I know you? ( DIKY) It allows for a Guild Sync and it beats me trying to keep a list on a notepad doc on my desktop.
I like it so far because It can be Sync’d cross guild ( not sure how this will work if you leave guild though) and you can manually add people.

I have started using it for positive comments on people I’ve met in pugs Eg ” Good healer.. ” and negative ones like ” Rude/abusive” I’m not sure exactly where/how things like Slander and Libel could come into this especially since it can be Guild Sync’d so more publically available – however real names aren’t attached so maybe it doesn’t apply.
As more then one person in the guild has it now, others are adding it. So I am cautious about what I say, and so far comments have been added on some from my ignore list from people who have either P’eed me off, or were rude. So I’ve said that. You don’t have to add comments, but you can give them a Nuetral, positive or negative mark, and people who also have contact with that person and the add installed can see a mark next to their name indicting their rating/comments, and they also can add their own rating and increase/decrease their score.

I don’t intend on stopping pugging. I win some and lose some, get to know some new names which may or not be in the raiding scene later and you can’t always get a guild only run. Curse of being DPS every man and his dog is dps 😛

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