Ethical Use of Shadow Meld

I don’t intend on dying with the rest of them if I can.

Rogues have a way of surviving a wipe,  as do mages, and hunters,   yet people seem surprised when Shadow Meld is used for wipe evasion. Its like we are ‘cheating’

Sometimes it doesn’t work, eg when another class or race that has no wipe evasion abilities decides to run to my little safe corner.

Do you think I can protect you?  and the boss chases them,  does an aoe effect and I die.


Sometimes it does work, and as a rezzer If it looks like I have escaped the wrath of the boss and he has reset, and I can rez my party/raid then  I will try and shout that I’m doing that before someone releases.

I survived a wipe on Gluth the other night,  it was the 2nd wipe on him,  we had been dying more then usual on our 1st 10 man run of naxx after the patch, so the 1st wipe a hunter survived by feigning death, and the rest of us gathered in the pipe, 2nd time, since I thought the hunter had the right idea both he and I survived the wipe using our available tools,   so we hid in Gluths chambers,  till  we get a ” where are you We are waiting for you.

“We are in the room ..”

third time went down well –  but I felt guilty that I had survived  the wipe, that I didn’t need to rebuff or re-food – and I saved on repair bills.   I got the impression that I should have died with ‘honor’ with the rest of them.

From a raid efficiency point,  it can be bad not to have your raid all together in one spot,  If I was one of the main buffers, then me not being in range of the raid could cause problems.  Its good to have the raid all together,  I’ve been into too many raids/instances  that wiped because essential classes have been locked out of the fight. Given the chances of me reagroing the boss could have been high, it was probably a fight I should have died on, just so I can run back with the rest of them.

I’m all for cutting down on repair bills, (even though as a clothy they are not stupidly high like  a tanks are.)  and since I always bring the best food buff ( saving my northern spices for raid food)  the lose of another food buff.   

In addition that particular wing has several hazards you need to get past  when running back from a wipe, the slime canals that priests can levitate over,  mages blink over,  a fall takes off half your health practically, so you need to be healed up before attempting another canal dip.  The “Slime Boss”( those oozes after Patchwerk that always manage to claim one casualty) and the “Pipe Boss”. ( The pipe you stand on before Gluth that someone always falls off of )  – especially now that we are casting levitate on people in raids so they don’t take  damage from the jump in the canals as you run through, and they forget, and try and jump on the pipe only to realise that you can’t jump while levitating.  These obstacles become easy with practice, and I’ve had lots after learning the Grobbulus fight  in early Naxx. I don’t die from Slime.  Well. Maybe just once – or twice.  But that’s it! I promise.

But  not having to worry about all that is quite refreshing.   I can hide in my little corner, while you can all rebuff or repair or whatever.

2 Responses to “Ethical Use of Shadow Meld”

  1. 1 Ambrosyne January 27, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    Oh, I think shadow meld is the GREATEST THING EVER. My hunter should never have a repair bill again.

    Sadly my other nelf is a tank, so it’s not of much help in groups…but oh do I love it while soloing. I wish my priest had it but I had to go roll space goat….

  2. 2 yunk January 27, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    The only thing that would be against the spirit would be to try to use it to do out of combat rezzes while the group is still engaged on the boss. I don’t think you even can. Priests used to be able to do this way back (like if they were rezzed by a druid they’d come back out of combat, or something similar) but they changed the encounters so that everyone in the instance in combat once the boss is engaged and you can’t enter back in if you release until the boss is dead or your group is, specifically to stop people from using out of combat rezzes during boss fights.

    So if people can use out of combt rezzes during boss encounters and start doing it, it will get nerfed real quick.

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