Dear Aunty Kay

Dear Aunty Kay

I am writing to you from  behind enemy lines. 

An Engineer was kind enough to put up a mail box inbetween  our progression attempts on Sartharion. I thought it would be a good time to send you a letter.   We are trying with three drakes up.  It will be the last 25 man progression content thats left for the guild.

The First time I died in a void zone, because in all the excitement I forgot that they happened.  The Second Time I made it through the first  wall of flame,  but then died in the second one.   The Third time I outlived most of the raid,  after finally working out  the best spot not to get  breathed upon by the drake, flame walled ect ect.  I thought..

back now.  4th attempt we got one drake down, and had moved onto killing the second when the tank died and Sarth breathed on the entire raid wiping us from the rock.

My understanding has improved – yes i die in fires but  I haven’t died by doing something  stupid the last 2 attempts, and I know that if 25 people made

Opps make that last three attempts.   5th attempt we got the 1st drake down again,  I survived again untill one of the last – I think I have established my ‘raid/fight ‘  awareness  – touch wood, but 25 people making little mistakes, myself included  take its toll.  But I guess thats what progression learning is.

We have the gear,  we have the dps.  we just need to start working as a team, and people need to stop dying.

6th attempt – too many mistakes

It sounds like its going to be a long night.

I hope this letter finds you and my cousins well

7th attempt – tank died.

I keep meaning to come back to Darn to visit, I’m sorry I don’t visit as often,  I was going to check in on your for the Luna Festival, but it was before a raid and I didn’t have time to catch up.  I miss your cookies,  if you could send me some by mail I would appreciate it 🙂

8th attempt

We can get the first drake down,  but now its 10pm and our bones are littering the ground.

I’m signing off now,  hopefully we get him down tonite.

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  1. 1 Vuur February 24, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    One thing that we used to help out raid awareness is this nice little addon called failbot. It puts a message in raid chat about

    1. people standing in void zones…and subsequently dying
    2. people getting hit by flame wall – and spawning too many fire adds

    We found through the course of many attempts that the warnings were a good wake up call for people to be more observant – especially if they died on a regular basis.

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