A Last Valentines Horay!( glad it’s over) and a Meme

I’d like to thank  HolyDueg   for his Shadow Fiend love inspired Picture.  He’s a new priest on the block so please give him a  welcome.

The fiend is a fleeting pet of ours,  we only bring it out when we need it, so our fiends are often unappreciated so share the love for fiends!  


* Unfortunately I had to waste a cooldown hugging my fiend,  but my Mana regen is pretty awesome now, so it was probably glad to get out for a run.


I was also tagged by Gnomeaggedon
for a Meme
1. Go into your image folder
2. Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
3. Publish the image!
4. Challenge six new bloggers.
5. Link to them.

Firstly – People have subfolders in their screenshot folders?  Mine is just a mess. Add to that chaos my tendency to hit my print screen button accidentally all the time. I also when on a massive deleting spree some months ago because I didn’t want to delete all the screen Grabs singularly

I don’t have folders in my screenshot folders, so this is my 6th picture

This is Desdemonia, my BE Hunter  on a Pvp server, I think she is parked at level 41 0r 42.  I was doing a screen shot series for the guild I was in  for a funny guild competition.   I did a powerpoint presentation, but then had issues with emailing it so I never submitted it.   The guild and server were my real life friends,  I just hated playing on a Pvp server because I was leveling on my own, and kept getting ganked and then all the hunter changes came and I didn’t really want to  keep playing.  I still have the powerpoint presentation someone where – I’ll post screen shots of  that later if i find it,  it was funny.


I probably should clean up my folders hey..
I’m going to cheat a little cause I have a screenshot folder, and a Image folder for wow stuff when i’m playing around Model Viewer that has subfolders

my 6th Image in my 6th folder is one of my workings for a blog banner I was doing for someone, who never got back  to me to let me know that they were happy with it.

I LOVED this banner.  It was a Zebra related banner and he gave me some guidelines,  the idea behind it was the Zebra was being silly..  so i put the head popping up from above like he was being cheeky.  Yes thats a Blood Elf  in Allie Pally gear and a point of note,  to get her head angle like that The position I used for her in Model Viewer was the drowing one. 


4 Responses to “A Last Valentines Horay!( glad it’s over) and a Meme”

  1. 1 Esdras February 20, 2009 at 10:37 am

    Some very nice screenshots there.

    All of mine are very recent ones, i have no idea what the sixth will be but it will be out Monday.

    The Zebra shots reminded me of Madigascer btw hahaha

  2. 2 Holy Dueg February 20, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Hooray, now everyone can see my wicked awesome MS paint skillz (fact: they pay the billz). I think the original meme didn’t have anything to do with WoW which is why it’s supposed to be the sixth of the sixth. Mine was jsut the sixth in my folder too where you can see me trying and failing horribly to be like Pug here.

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  2. 2 Sixth… « Armaggedon's coming! Trackback on February 14, 2012 at 1:57 pm
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