My Baby Warlock.

I am not converted.
But I wanted to level another DPS Caster.  The idea of leveling my 2 other 70’s to 80 bores me, partly because its been so long, and their gear is crap that  the idea of relearning to play a fire mage, or muddle through leveling my other priest holy doesn’t interest me.

So I rolled a cute little warlock .  She has the account bindable Tattered Dreadmist mantle –  with its 10% xp bonus and some other twinked out gear like the tux pants with +35 spellpower and 20+ stam thread, and the Swift Hand of justice trinket giving me back 2% of my health.  It all makes leveling alot easier.

she is 19 now,  I think I will see how much i like her at 30 when she can get a mount.  She is Skinning/Mining purely for revenue making.  I’m finding the market has slowed down on the things I would sell for money. No I don’t play the  Auctionhouse :p


I’m running out of things to do on my Main. I still enjoy playing her,  we are still trying for sarth 3d  ( 18 wipes tonite)  with a druid tank. Now we try a DK tank.  But at the end of the wiping everyone was still in good spirits,  no one was peeved off, everyone was talking, trying to work out what we could do with the classes we had.   It was neither boring, or tedious,  it was all about improving.  Main issue is getting the tank to survive the extra damage when the 2nd and 3rd drakes are still up.

  I maxed out my Hodir rep,  and I really don’t want to be desperate enough to do all the achievements so I will play my little warlock for a while too.

I miss my shield, and my inner fire, and my healing,  but its an interesting class to play the warlock.  I know why its always.. more dots more dots..


And because I now have a ‘little person’
It brings to mind the lyrics for Little people in Les Mis
“be careful as you go
cos little people grow
and little people know
when little people fight,
we may look easy pickings
but we got some bite!
so never kick a dog
because it’s just a pup
you’d better run for cover when the pup grows up”

She might be little but shes packing one huge mutha of a shadow bolt.

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2 Responses to “My Baby Warlock.”

  1. 1 natarumah February 26, 2009 at 8:18 am

    Warlocks are good old fun at the lower levels; no matter how they may or may not function in raids, they are the type of character you can just go out into the world with.

    I too started a little lock (Human though) and raced across Azeroth. Tattered Dreadmist Mantle, Discerning Eye of the Beast, and a whole set of the good old Shadoweave set, fully enchanted, waiting in the bank as encouragement to level.

    Currently she is level 42, and waiting for my girlfriend’s alt to catch up to her a bit. Did I mention these buggers level fast?

    I also took Mining/Skinning, because professions are now in such a state that it hardly matters until level 80. If you do go for a crafting profession, it’s just to make the road a little shorter to 450 once you hit 80.

    Anyway, Baby Locks are fun!



  2. 2 Kaldar August 9, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    I have leveled a warlock to 80 and I loved it. I went all three specs and have blasted my way through pvp and raids. Right now im a destro lock 0/13/58, and cant get enough of the new content of 3.2. I think your story is a great “little” one, haha. Don’t worry, im a Gnome too. I love being small and i can roll without people notice they have half their health gone. Anyway, I liked your story.

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