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No – I’m not leaving….  breath now..

I met up with a friend on Friday night for a drink,  he’s in the market for a MMORPG and in  between trying to convert him  to WOW,  keeping him away from LOTR online ( his other friends play that).  I tried to impart on him that Friends and Family are more important than the game,  the conversation started because I mentioned that I was missing out on perhaps our Kill of Sarth 3d – and this was important because it was the only thing our guild hadn’t done content wise, and that we had spent 18 wipes on it on Wednesday, working out we didn’t have the right tank.

My friend apologised for keeping me from the game.  I felt immediatley bad that I may have come across that I would rather be there , then with him.

I’d rather be with 24 people I’ve never met in real life,  only know a smattering of details, and don’t know any of their real names,  That I would rather be with them, then sitting in a beer garden with someone who has known me since I was 6 catching up on life, love and lunacy.

Nope, I was happier being with him, and I reassured him that, this was more important, I felt horrible, that It sounded like I placed a game above people who matter to me.

I remember hesitating  removing my sign up for friday, knowing that this might be the night where all the work put on on other 3d learning attempts could become a successful.   But I canx’ll my sign up – and looked forward to Seeing my friend

I was going to say I made the right choice, because the guild didn’t do Sarth 3D that night,  they didn’t have the tanks to do it,  but thats not the right thing to say or mean.  I made the right choice, because I made the right choice – It shouldn’t have mattered what I was missing in game to be there. with him, with any other friend that wants to do something on a raiding night.

I’m a hardcore raider,  I sign up on all our raiding nights, and try and fit social/family  activities /catch ups/drinks into weekend days/Sat nights/Shutdown nights

It made me want to find some perspective as to exactly how important all of this is.

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  1. 1 Esdras March 2, 2009 at 11:10 am

    I really want to get back to being a raider i miss it so much.

    I still raid with pugs etc but there just isnt the same buzz as being on TS with the guild and haveing a joke and laugh.

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