In School in was uncool to dob.

I learnt at around the age of 5 or 6 that you didn’t run home and tell mommy because then everyone would know that you dobbed.

I was reading in the Guild relations forums today about a guild that was writing in because another guild on their server was systematically harassing them, and the best advise was to use the reporting feature. Report Report report..  eventually enough of them will get banned for them to stop it.

Is raising a ticket asking Blizzard to play nanny when the kids are playing in the sandpit the right and only way to go?  It seems to be, but each time I escalate an issue to Blizzard by typing out a ticket- (and I’ve only done it a couple of times)  I feel like I am ‘dobbing’   ( not counting the report spam)  Its like being harassed in guild, or in chat, or by mail.  Bullied. You feel that you should be able to deal with  it yourself. ( Come on its a game!) We aren’t playing the tournament worth 200k , its not a grandslamn tennis match, or the Olympics, its a game, and yet we still need a nanny or umpire.

I’ve done many a BG where there is one person who is present enough to click off his afk debuff and he gleefully laughs at our attempts to actually play – I’m not sure what their motivation was, that they would waste their time being there at all, only to spent it fracking around. You can’t give then the afk debuff  – you can’t appeal to their better sence or even ask them to leave so someone else can come in – they laugh at you what else can do with them but put in a ticket. 

The ticket joins a queque,  which probably won’t get answered in the time your online, and he is still laughing at everyone in the BG, and you log off and get a non commital email hours later  from blizzard saying they will look into it,  and because of privacy reasons they cannot tell you what actions/if any they took.

 This doesn’t satisfy me that ‘justice’ has been done. There is no result to motivate me to do it more often. Yet, if you don’t tell someone,  don’t report it,   his behaviour goes unpunished, and unrecorded.

I approach any ticket I write the same way I would write a business email,  trying to keep the issue clear, with all the facts so it has a better chance of being taken seriously. I don’t take ticket writing lightly. I also need to be beyond reproach in my own actions, meaning no swearing at the person/insulting, or being the cause of their action. 

I haven’t put many tickets in, and I’m not complaining about Blizzards ticket handling,  and because I don’t see anything doesn’t mean nothing has happened,  we Know people get banned as punishments for things, and the best way to deal with any bad behaviour is to ignore it where possible. Player run courts are unreasonable, and the Terms of services are the ultimate law, but nor do I want to spend all my time raising tickets for the minor things which are technically breaches, but you can deal with to a point.

Beyond talking to the persons GM ( if they care) /leave the area,  and ignoring them,  raising a ticket is all you can do.

I don’t want to be a dobber, so I weigh up how important the issue is, who/what are the affecting and if its important enough I will raise that ticket, but for the most its less complicated to walk away, and thus nothing gets reported.

3 Responses to ““Dobbing””

  1. 1 Esdras March 3, 2009 at 11:29 am

    I have had to open a ticket a few times and varying in the GM you get depends on how well the situation will be dealt with.

    I had a guy who was harassing my misses with whispers and was following her tapping all her mobs and the GM only said was “Just put him on ignore and move to different area” bear in mind we said to GM that HE WAS FOLLOWING HER.

    But others are really good though.

  2. 2 Holy Dueg! March 3, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    It’s definitely about the situation at hand. You don’t want to go through the process of a ticket and all that just for someone who’s prolly not even gonna be there when the GM finally responds. Half the time, they can’t even do anything. I know some people feel satisfaction just from the telling itself, but that doesn’t solve the problem except on a personal level.

    PS: I like that term, “dobbing.” In the states we use “tattling” and someone who does it is a “tattletale.” But I’m gonna start making people use “dobbing.”

    • 3 pugnaciouspriest March 3, 2009 at 10:27 pm

      @Holy Its a feeling of powerlessness in a way – theres no incentive to do what is right, and your esculation of the issue doesn’t fix it. More importantaly it doesn’t fix the person with the bad attitude, but thats the fun of playing with real people!
      I forgot that Dobbing was mainly Aussie Slang….

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