Dueling with a Random.

A random Shadow Priest approached me while I was out doing a couple of dailys, offering me a 100 gold if I dueled them,  they said they wanted me to win so they could get the achievement.  After commenting that it was rather odd  that they pick, me, and here and now to try and do that achievement.   I told them sure, but I didn’t want the money.  I couldn’t see any scam here,  they weren’t asking for my money and after inspecting her pvp gear,  I considered mine to be comparable   So I swapped into my now 668 Resilence Set.

For someone  who wanted me to win they tried awefully hard.  I’ve never dueled a level 80 fellow shadow priest before, and it was rather interesting,   We both used dispersion, and basically every spell at our disposal.   I did an odd thing and used Divine Hymn,  which is a spell I don’t get to use much,  yes it broke me out of my shadow form,  but  It stunned her, and healed me.    My Fears were being wasted because she was using the fearward as much as I was, so I needed to try something different.

It worked,  I won.  They tried to offer me 100 gold, which I refused, and I got told I was a ‘good’ pvper.  30k lifetime kills,  and a decent resilence set.    I think Im seasoned,  but not good.  I hated arena.  No matter what form I was in I got squished.

Maybe I should be hanging out at goldshire and rather then dancing on tables ( kidding) I should be dueling the randoms that gather down there for practise.  It was a little bit of fun, and we were certainly evenly matched.

4 Responses to “Dueling with a Random.”

  1. 1 drmcc0y March 21, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    Just wanna say as a Fellow Spriest i enjoy your blog… and you may have said my most favorite word…. asshat… gawd that made me smile…. lawl just keep your pimp hand strong and keep meltin face!

    Your brother in shadow!

    Drmccoy 80 Spriest Space cow -Wildhammer

    • 2 pugnaciouspriest March 22, 2009 at 2:24 am

      haha.. it is such a descriptive word, makes for interesting imagery. Thankyou for your comment glad your enjoying it.

  2. 3 *vlad* March 24, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    Surely you get the Achievement for winning, not losing a duel?

    I had a Rogue ask my Warlock for a duel recently.

    I told them politely that it was a waste of time; I was pve specced and Affliction, which meant I was useless with burst damage (and Rogues eat Warlocks for breakfast anyway, even when they are pvp specced).
    I would be no competition whatsoever.

    They persisted. They wanted to make a film of themselves beating every class in a duel. plz plz plz.

    “Oh, alright then, but don’t expect much of a fight.” I replied.

    So, 10 seconds later, and I was kneeling in the surrender pose.

    “Why didn’t you try?” The Rogue said.#

    “Er, I did, but I was stun-locked for 9 seconds and I couldn’t use Deathcoil because you were behind me”

    “No-ones gonna believe I won that fight like that. I’m going to have to delete that and get someone else to duel me. Thanks for nothing”


    • 4 pugnaciouspriest March 24, 2009 at 1:35 pm

      that wasn’t very nice of him, it would have been interesting to see how he faired with other people, I dislike rogues in pvp as much I dislike frost mages :p
      Theres an acheivement for winning one, and losing one, but both are easy to get u don’t need to chase random shadow priests to do it,

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