Disenchanting: Fair rules in a pug.

As an ongoing, and heated issue on the entitlements of an enchanter,  I think from all the feedback this has highlighted what I think is the most important thing to come of this issue; that Rules need to be set, and the rules need to be clear.

A realm forum post on Disenchanting in instance runs  brought up the idea of realm culture, and what was done on one realm is different to another.   While Larissa from the Pink Pigtailed Inn  questioned “Do Players from different countries have different mindsets”  it makes sence that some realms would develop different ‘cultures’  and expected ways of behaviour,  whether it be their approach to winning,  to the most fair way of distributing shards, or loot, and even popular forms of DKP/Loot councils.  The Culture of the realm sets the social rules and norms.

The Culture of some realms when it comes to Deing loot in instances  apparently work on the assumption that there is no enchanter and all greed. ( maybe enchanters are rarer on these ones?) and if there is an enchanter then they wait till everyone else has rolled and then needs the item to DE. Its not one group that does it, its  entire servers.  That makes it  the enchanters responsibility to ensure that the roll is handled correctly, and even if someone does missroll a need there is still a chance that the enchanter will get the item.   The idea of culture when it comes to deing, or more what people come to expect has opened my eyes up a little,  we get server transfers all the time,   guild runs will have different rules, and to be fair,  no one knows what they are supposed to do untill they are either told what to do, or work out by trial and error what they are aren’t supposed to do.

So lets change enchanting culture, and make the expectations normal.

In a non free market society,  the price for things would be fixed.  A shard’s value, or  a piece of loot from a loot roll would have fixed values. At the end of the run the results would be tallied, and  rewards ( or compensation  awarded.) 

However you would run into problems if someone wins more then 1 piece of loot, consider someones repair bills, and their role into the party, and their success in that role. 

The /roll is still the most fair, but add some dispensations, or disqualifications to make it fairer.

The rules If there is an enchanter present: To be advised before the party starts the instance.

Need if an upgrade
Ask before needing if its offspec
Greed on BOE
Pass on unwanted BOP’s

All remaining items will be sharded by the enchanter.
Everyone Rolls at end
If there is an Abyss Crystal *- Highest roll wins regardless.
If there are only shards – People who did not get any loot get roll preference over those who did.
If you win a roll on loot by missrolling then you are considered to have won loot.**

If this is made clear at the begining, then if someone protests they can leave/disagree/discuss.

I’m still not sure how an enchanter is going to be guaranteed to benefit, but I think if this system was used then the chances in a 4 boss fight, that seems to drop 4 blues and 1 epic that everyone will either walk away with at least a piece of loot or a shard, or as Holy Dueg  put, a runners up prize.

* This is acknowledging that the Abyss crystal’s value is far greater then  a single shard, you may even hold that receiving a piece of loot should disqualify you from a roll on the abyss in a 5 man, but given its unique single use, and value, much like the frost orb, I think it warrants its own roll. Eg Current culture on my realm is everyone rolls need on the orb – its just easier to do it that way.

**Note: It still in the best interest of someone to pass on an item so it gets sharded then deliberately ninja the item to vend unless they are truly despicable, and are getting their jollys more from the depriving of others the item, then actually profiting themselves.

2 Responses to “Disenchanting: Fair rules in a pug.”

  1. 1 dingbat March 24, 2009 at 4:18 pm

    That’s mostly how I do it, although I tend not to stop anyone just cuz they lucked out with drops.
    Roll if you want
    say pass if you feel you’ve gotten too much
    Greed boes
    simple simple

  2. 2 Holy Dueg! March 24, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    @dingbat It always seems simple until you have to get people to do it. Then they can’t seem to figure out what the word “need” means.

    @Pugnacious Excellent series of posts on this subject, they cut right to the quick. If people are level headed and show some commen sense, this situation can turn out to be easy and profitable for everyone and not just those needing on items or the enchanter.

    They also taught me that the word “plum” to describe an epic item is superior in every way

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