I am not prepared for 3.1

Q Have I decided to succumb to the expectation that I will be Healer as my offspec. ?

A ) I did try and respec my Holy 70 priest  to practise as Disc but got confused so I gave up, so If – IF..  I go healer for offspec  I will be holy.   I am trying to work out how long I can sneak me being Shadow PVP as my offspec and if its worth Gquitting if I can’t…

Q do you have the monies?

A) Yes.  Farming Relics  – and selling Leather & and Ore  my baby warlock  gets has been somewhat profitable.


Q) Do you have your offspec spec  worked out.

A) No! ( I will be furiously re-reading peoples posts for some cookiecutter specs for holy.  Or I will make things up as I go and be a crap healer so they never want me to heal again..


Q) do you know what Gylphs you need?

A) No..   I am sure I will be able to find out.  Somewhere..   oh yes..   nope, nope..  mmmmm,

Q) Will those be available? And at a reasonable price.

A) if not I will get my Inscriber to make them –  or use my savings to buy..  

Q) Are you excited!

A) Are we ever!

1 Response to “I am not prepared for 3.1”

  1. 1 Elgar April 14, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    You know what, tell them you don’t have the money to respec as holy or disc and leave it at that. Heck, maybe they’ll get so desperate they give you the 1000g free! He he he.

    There will be guilds that force off-specs like yours I’m sure. I think that is sh!tty. Really sh!tty. But I’ve always been a promoter of the “do as you like and enjoy” even if it’s not what the theory-crafters suggest.

    So have fun, and melt your faces with Shadow spec.

    Viva Priests!

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