Pre Patch Maddness.

I logged in, and had 20 mins to grab what I think I will need,  read the GMOTD  for Day 1 instructions  ( Need to read up on boss 1 )

Crash in Dalaran 3 times.  Give up.  Hearth to my non Dalaran Inn.  Log into my bank alt and grab enough stuff to chant/gem  my off spec gear that I just never got round to – Grab some flasks spare food – send them to my main.  Log into Main to put in bags ( just in case there be mail box bug or something  (taking precautions… )  Chat to two people who wanted to say hello.  Assure the Guild I wasn’t being hacked ( with all my crashing)

Log back to my bank alt come level 70 mage I never bothered leveling to 80 – Grab some Gylphs that I think I might use for the offspec I don’t really want to be.  – send them to my main.

and 3.5 min spare.

/breath. Blog. 

I’ve conceded if I want to keep my Raid Spot I best pick a healing offspec.  ( none of us have been given any guidance as to what sort of offspecs they expect us to be..  so well I will pick what I feel like, based on my knowledge,  ect ect..  and hope for the best.)   Ahhh I have no idea what Shadow Spec I’m gonna pick! – *runs off to

Awe crap.  *stops running. .   I am going to need to get some healer mods too .  Noooooooooooo

This is where it gets tricky.  I don’t want to learn to be the best healer I can be.  I’ve said that  before.  I know there are some  Healy priestys out there thinking the opposite – ” I don’t wan’t to learn shadow priest  spell rotations.. ”     But whats the point in playing if  I don’t at least attempt to be good.  ( not too good or they won’t let me back to shadow. )  PEEE VEEEE PEEEE spec ..   Its calling..   PEEE VEEEE PEEEE Spec..  /cry

 Darn it!  I don’t play with my real life friends because basically our goals in the game aren’t the same.    I want to raid.  I want the content.  I want to be great. I….   I’ve run out of things to want.  If I want all those things I need a guild capable of doing so,  and here I am.  In the right spot.   a Raider  in a raiding guild.   ( seriously..  we have 31 raiders signed up for tomorrow night and  and 4 hours untill sign up closes )where were these people last week..    really..   )

It won’t kill me to heal.  I Probably won’t even need to , but I think I am not going to have much spare time with a  4 day a week raiding schedule, and a 75% attendance rate.  So I won’t get time to do what I want to do anyways outside of raid. So I will give it a week and see how I feel/what happens.

2 Responses to “Pre Patch Maddness.”

  1. 1 Blessing April 14, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    I defentily feel your pain. I’m having the same issues when thinking about dual specing Healing. My biggest problem with specing Healing is the fact for the last 3 years I was one of our main healers and Lead. I was recently able to switch to Shadow and take over leading our casters. So I’m screaming “NO I DON’T WANNA HEAL AGAIN!!!” I have this deathly fear that the first time I spec over to heal again I’ll be stuck! So here’s hoping us Shadow Priests never have to go back to healing. Glad to see there’s another Shadow Priest out there that doesn’t want to heal.

  2. 2 Tejiri April 17, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    We like our high output DPS raiders to keep their DPS build as their primary raid spec, so I have not asked our two shadow priests to sacrifice their offspec for healing. I think that’s beyond silly. One of them has done it anyway on his own, but we have a lot of healers in our guild right now, so it’s unlikely he’ll ever need to heal. It was sweet of him to do it, though.

    On the other hand, I’ve threatened one of our really lazy retadins with holy spec if he doesn’t get the lead out and do some dps. >:-[

    Amusingly, most of my disc priests have opted for a shadow build and we holy priests are using our offspec for pvp. So on the nights we have too many healers, I hop on my mage and the disc priests fight over who gets to be pewpew for the night.

    I hope your guild feels the same way we do – when you have a raider who is doing what he or she likes, and doing it well, don’t fix what ain’t broke. Don’t turn your silk purse into a sow’s ear by crippling your good DPS with an unwanted and unfamiliar build. Good luck and I hope you enjoy Ulduar.

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