And Emalon Down as well ( 10 man )

Server came back earlier then expected.


Now he was a bit trickier.

He throws a buff onto one of 4 adds , and that add needs to be killed asap.   It took us a little while to work out how to target that particular add in time to get it down.   You have about 20 secs before that add builds up 10 stacks of  Overcharged and blows up the raid. .

The easiest way I found to target the right one was tab target as soon as DBM announces when Emalon empowers the add –  that way your not relying on someone calling out  that they have it targeted,  or the add tank targeting the right one.   It was messy because all 4 get tanked together and trying to pick the right one of the four was hard.  It was either click target or tab tab.. untill you find the add with the debuff.  (is a blue lightening symbol)     We use ORA2 but that still relys on the add tank getting the right target and then targeting their target – By the time I found my target they were announcing on vent that they had it,  so if anything I only gain 1 sec  but add lag ect ect..  20 secs to kill something is not that long. I look forward to 25 man..

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  1. 1 *vlad* April 16, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    We aoe’d the 4 mobs at the start, and got their health down by a few percent. Then, when he buffed one, its health was that much higher than the rest, hence easy to pick out.
    If these adds are supposed to be challenging, then they need a lot more health than they currently have. This was easy considering the boss has no enrage timer.

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