Guild Pride or Gaud

Swagdog have had their WOW   Custom Guild Tshirts available for a little while now,  and not too long ago introduced  Caps.

I’m not all that  interested in the Tshirts.  I think there is too much detail on them.   I’d like them better if it was just the Guild Symbol on the front,  and the Realm on the back,  simpler and didn’t include so much information like the Caps, more understated and relying on the fact that you  know what your looking at.   Like some of the thinkgeek T’s  I’m geeky enough to get most of them, but the people in the know  do get them, and you don’t really want to explain about Schrödinger when they look at you asking ” Why  is his cat dead?” Or why your wearing a blue sun tee.  But the people in the know will maybe smile a little, or make a comment  and you know instantly that you have something in common.

 A  random person isn’t going to pick up that the funny bunny symbol on your tshirt isn’t anything but a funny bunny, however a wow player  will.  I think I would recognise most of the tabard Logo designs,   but to be honest I would probably  not pick up on the lesser known and used designs.

Would you recognise just the Tabard symbols?

I like the idea in  WowGrrl ‘s post  about how reserved people express their interests. Little  ‘quite’  things which really only capture the attention of people of similar mind.  This can also apply to people who cannot really show their true self be it because of social or work restrictions.  

The Caps however  are simpler and to borrow Wowgrrls‘s  Word  Quite.  ( Or quieter then a Guild Shirt.)   If only wearing caps were kool. 

I am not necessarily a reserved person.  ,  however I hide my Tatts,  only wear skulls and crossbones on weekends,  but in the same breath the type of  jobs that pay better are the ones that don’t let you wear Jeans and show flair.   So while I quietly scream in my head . “I’m listening to metal on my ipod,  I just can’t show it –    I rely on little things  to still show some personality – or clues into my inner me.

A guild or two ago, we played around with the idea of making our own Shirt design and printing it through Cafe Press,  but that idea went out the window when I left, and none of us were good enough at Graphic design to come up with a picture that looked slightly better then a bad paint doodle.   I like the idea of guild shirts for the guilds that are established and guild pride is an awesome ideal.

At this point though, I would have a small collection of guild tee’s if I did get a Tshirt  with my guild on it,  so I think I will wait until I stay somewhere longer then 6 months.

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  1. 1 candy April 23, 2009 at 3:43 am

    this is totally my pet peeve. especially since I avoid others’ pools. grrrrr.

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