I have twitter – if you want to add me and I haven’t collected you so far.

@notosa if you really really want to add me

Warning though: I can’t keep it all wow related, to be honest its only 50% Wow related, I try and keep wow as the main updates but things just keep becoming twitterable ( is that a word?)
Like city black outs, star trek, musicals, trailers, weird websites
I can’t promise to stick to wow..

I’m following politicians, fake politicians , gaming stuff, real life friends, Wowers, Journos, prime ministers, Astronauts..  no Ashton though..

I JUST CAN’T KEEP IT ALL WOW…… Its not that your boring.. I just don’t want multiple accounts..

Not promising to be a regular updater.. not promising to keep it all wow..  but I think I’m relatively interesting some of the time…

am over the gold sellers, am over the so called  networkers who have nothing to do with any of my interests ( as wide and varied as they are) I am over the people who think that having a million followers means that people actually read or care what you write.   If you are posting interesting stuff..  and not leveling guides or how to make gold or lucrative money making opportunitys add me and  I will follow you…..  follow you wherever you may go..    near you I always will be..     

OK.. that was getting creepy..  ( Sister act ” I will follow him”. song reference there.. )

1 Response to “Twittering”

  1. 1 gnomeaggedon May 19, 2009 at 5:37 am

    Ugggh… those gold/wowgoldguide spammers that pretend to be WoW News broadcasters….

    10 goldmaking guides & one stolen news post does not make me a Happy Gnome…

    /blocked pretendwownewsservice

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