PVPish Offspec.

I went hunting for the  New Guilds  Dual Spec Policy – and couldn’t find anything on it on the forums,  so I asked.

When I was told – “What ever you like..” I inwardedly went Yipeeeeeeeee!

Immediately went and lost my healing dual spec ( which I only ever used once in a sorta official guild raid for a quickly hashed up 10 man  VOA) and then was faced with all these blank spaces for talent points.  To my dismay I couldnt see too much difference with how a Pvpish Spec  would be  without losing the Spell power and my critage that I like so well when decimating those that have little resilence, while still maintaing survivability with some stun reductions.

 I’m not doing Arena, so I don’t need  to go as deep into Disc so I muddled round with it, and have come up with a sorta spec thats not worthy of publishing till I tweak  it a little more, but there is one Gem in all that muddle of points.  Psychic Horror.


People have no idea what they are in for when this instant cast spell is used.    They not only do they tremble with fear for 3 sec  They become disarmed for 10 as well.  I Love it! and it has a 2 min cooldown which is awesome, and what upsets your target even further is you are still able to fear them either before or after the Psychic Horror  –  Fear in theory lasts 8 secs so you can potentially disable someone for 21 secs ( reducible with talents and so on. )  which is an eternity in PVP.

My main adversarys in a BG are Rogues and Frost Mages. ( The bonus damage a Frost Mage gets when your iced is a killer –

 The Psychic Horror is sometimes hard to use against Rogues because they will kidney jab you from behind and Psychic horror only works if you are in front of the target  – and turning while stunned is a bit difficult,  but if they are silly enough to let me get a fear off, then I can turn and Horrify them no problems.

Against Mages  – as long as I can stop them casting they go down like the squishys they are 🙂

I  am using the +50 Resilience Flasks of  lesser toughness  because they seem to proc well when my Alchemist makes them, and while they are easy to get any bonus resilience is great.  I’m currently on 892 resilience unflasked 942 flasked, and because its a flask it lasts through death.

 I eventually got geared up in BC to reach the resilence cap, so I am aiming for that to0 in Wrath.  Looking forward to the new BG too 🙂

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