Weekend Wanderings.

1 – In BG’s

 He was grieving about giving up – and saying that our DPS was too low. I checked the damage metres, he was down the bottom but had done over 100k damage  – I think I was on 300k and I was chasing flags and what not.  On the board he looked like he was dpsing – which warranted my comment about him being so low –  I felt bad telling a healer to “heal more”  I should have said – complain less heal more, but I didn’t so it came across quite snarky.


and I wasn’t surprised when he never responded to my response to him calling me an idiot. ( notice I didn’t deny it.  I have the gear, I know what Im doing, I have the kills and honor to prove it. In pvp I don’t need validation from someone else – so his idiot comment wasn’t taken as offence. It didn’t matter.  His attitude did because I don’t like people who don’t try – or afk in Bgs.  I will not carry your honor points. 



2. On Alts


Level 18 – almost 19 Ele Shammie called Pretty.   she was one of my alts I had an non main server which I got to play some when the servers had those issues last week – she kept leveling, and I set her up a bank Alt – planning on being self sufficient enough to buy her mounts and  stuff.  So without actually having to farm –  She now has over 30 gold – and that is with spending some silver on things to making leveling a little more comfortable.  Mining and Herbing – and selling lowbie greens.

3.  On Books

I went to my Favourite Fantasy Bookshop thinking I would pick up a copy of Arthas for some reading. Until I saw the price tag of $50 Aus Dollars.  Yes its a hard back – so I would expect to pay a little more, but not $50 

On Amazon its $16.50 US so   I did an exchange check  and at AUD1 = USD 0.7963

AUD 20.72 = USD 16.50

 So that’s a 30$ Aus Upmark.  The shop I go to to buy my books is very reasonable  –  and have been known to pass on all doller exchange savings on to the customers, as they are a specialty store.  So who is making the most profit from this?

Is it worth Paying $50 Aus for – nope sorry..  I have paid $56 oz for a Author I love ( more then once) but I will wait until Arthas comes in paperback because be it the Oz arm of our publishers or someone in that chain is trying to make more of a buck then they should.


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  1. 1 theerivs June 15, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    Actually at the store I paid 25 bucks here in the US, so it would probably be more in Aus, but not 50 dollars in Aus.

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