Baby Shammy update

We didn’t have the team for Yogg tonight,  so we cleaned up the non gatekeepers in Ulduar and called it an early night

I got to play my Shammy – I have the leveling bug with her for now.  I want to get to the next level,  see what new spells she can learn.

My  troll Shammy,  by name of  Pretty  ( I was going for Ironic )  that is on Nagrand  is doing well in the gold department,   she is 22 and her contributions have netted her around 100 gold so far, just from Low level herbs,  Ore, and Wool  and greens and that’s just from normal questing.   I have also spent some gold making her a little more comfortable. 

– She now has Ghost Wolf and I am loving running round from level 20  – made my water totem quest a lesser pain.  I am finding playing the Shammie almost like the Melee version of the Shadow Priest  – I sometimes am not sure If I should be hitting the target or spell casting at it though.  I am packing Stam, Agility and Strength, and as long as my combo for an Ele Shammie doesn’t make my playing slow. ( try leveling holy Priest as holy.  That was a challange sometimes)   I am enjoying the multi tasking ability of the Shammy – and its self sufficiency.I am pulling with a spell, using a shock, keeping a shield up at all times and then smacking the target.  If it runs away I shock it again.   I am over the Barrens though.

I am looking forward to some Shammy Totem changes that are supposed to be coming 🙂

She is on a strange server, no friends, no guild no sugar mama to send her hundreds of gold, or leveling gear  like she would have if I had rolled her on my main server through the Neutral AH and the help of a friend.

Shes a Nigel..  but she has found comfort in green bottles ( kidding )  and its been fun so far.  I have been keeping an ear out for social type guilds that are recruiting,  I am looking for a guild that was much like my 1st Guild on Dath – friendly no pressure but no kids demanding that they get runs.  I am not interested in runs I am leveling as quick as possible, and I will worry about my gear if I get to 80   


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