BG Tards.

We had been doing semi guild premade Ab’s, and had about 7-9 people playing at various times,  we were winning most of the time,  I even brought out my trusty Ab Strat Macro 

/bg G1 gm G2 bs G3 lm then to farm. Cap what you keep, and have fun!

So its not going to be lauded as  the best  military strat, but it gives people a start to focus on – and because winning a bg is a team effort – its good to have everyone on the same page.

We started losing one BG, and two non guild member players started bagging out our realm and our guild – and that  we were fail ect ect..  They pointed to  their Hk’s and damage on the metres where they were the top 2.

I pointed out to them that it meant that they were HK farming.

They tried to explain it meant that they were good Pvpers in less then pleasant tones.

Firstly they disregarded the Strat Macro which weakened what ever Group they were in and decreased the likelyhood of a cap early on,    their kill counts, and damage showed that they were not babysitting nodes,  they were just chasing kills.

Now a Mobile attack Zerg type team with a high damage output could be quite useful as a strat, but what ever they thought they were accomplishing,  they were only able to do it because other people  were their support troops, and stayed behind being babysitters on the nodes we were managing to defend  while they merrily disregarded working as a team   and did their own thing.

Being half a premade doesn’t make us the ultimate authority, but we obviously have a communication advantage as we are more likely to be on vent, if they had worked with us, and not against us then our success could have been much like our other wins. 

They also got personal, and went beyond the “Alliance sucks” that you often hear in Bgs – (  its quite funny playing on Horde side while BGing because they go through the whole ” Horde sucks”  line of chat too) They started to attack my arena rating.  I was Loling because I have never seriously done arena but this was the lengths they were going to – to attack us – I Don’t think the others had ever done arena so they had no rating to pick on.

I thought their attitude stunk but they weren’t affected too badley because of their kills they had earned more honor

6 Responses to “BG Tards.”

  1. 1 ZachPruckowski July 8, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    Blizzard’s trying to change this in 3.2, so that objectives yield more honor (and experience) so as to encourage doing what you’re supposed to and not just killing randomly.

  2. 2 Pugnacious Priest July 8, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    @Zach – The changes will be interesting, but I think it will still punish the support crew – Knowing you get more honor for a cap means more intense competition for capping, then they will move onto the next node potentially Ab could turn into a zerg cap fest on both sides.

  3. 4 Pugnacious Priest July 9, 2009 at 9:43 am

    @Gevlon a blast from the pvp past lol… I do love my pvp

  4. 5 yunk July 9, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    Try giving advice when you are from an RP server. It doesn’t matter how sound your advice is, the entire chat is full of “SHUT UP AND CYBER RP NOOB” for awhile I felt like people from pvp servers were the absolute worst at BGs, for the reasons you cite above: so many were always off doing their own thing. Of course I’m just stereotyping them too 🙂

    I always figure following a bad plan is better than no plan, so if someone is taking leadership i’ll go along. I stopped trying to lead about a year ago. Gevlon’s post is pretty spot on. I didn’t think of it that way but yeah, it doesn’t matter what blizzard’s incentives are, it’s more like prisoner’s dilemma, will your own team betray you (go for kills) or cooperate (go for win).

  5. 6 Andrei February 9, 2010 at 2:07 am

    Sounds to me like your premade was full of scrubs. No arena rating prmades??? Being on vent doesn’t make you a premade. It makes you think you should win bc you can coomunicate… But if you are scrubs and can’t win 1v1s you will failboat your way around the globe. If you had the comunication of 7-9 people… Those two killers shouldn’t have “ruined” your strat. Killers in ab don’t make you lose. Your premade should have been able to easily defnd bs lm and st. My guess is… Most of you would get capped on by a solo attacker even with 2 of you defending. The fact you even send a grp to gm already tells me you don’t know how to run premades. Pve scrubs should stay out of BG queues. It’s not for you. Pvp takes practice as a team.. It takes skill to be able to react properly in diff situations. What it does not take is crying about how the only two real pvpers in the bg weren’t carrying your failboat premade. Pvper know where the honor is. If we smell failboat… We do w/e it takes to get the honor. Winning is better and faster honor, but in the case of a failboat like yours probably was, I would have jumped ship too… In fact the second I saw the “gm” and the “have fun” in your bg macro…

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