The Brain is Dead.

We did it,  on our 9th try for the evening,  but Yogg is dead.

True to my word – I felt relief..  It was over and done,  but then everyone else started getting excited, and I could hear it my Gms Voice what this meant to them, so while I am not excited, I am happy that they are happy.

It means a progresion road block is out of the way – and I’m sure our comming work on Hard modes will bring alot more dying.

One of the guild officers asked me how I was liking the guild.
I told him honestly – You guys are great, but I’ve never died so many times in my life” He went ” Oh no!” I explained that its all dying for a good cause so its ok

I’m not sure it was the answer he was looking for, but its true. While Raiding in BC it wasn’t so much the dying or the wiping on the same encounter – I don’t think I ever wiped more then 10 times on a boss without one kill , it seemed to be more focused on how long it took you to clear the trash to get to the boss determined how much content and attempts you could do –

but it just seems that there have been alot more encounters to smash your head against repeatedly. Some of varying degrees. I remember having issues with XT -002 – and Thorim had some learning too, No where near as much as Yogg has though. With the quick run backs on Sar 3d and the insta portals back to Yogg in Ulduar 100 wipes on one boss isn’t that hard to rack up..

So ding dong the brain is dead..

and yes I got one – cause it looks purrty. ( think of it as embracing an increasing trend rather then following the crowd like a sheep)
Not sure If I will remember to stick the code in every entry though.


3 Responses to “The Brain is Dead.”

  1. 1 Gevlon July 8, 2009 at 5:44 am

    Big grats.

    Wipes are not all that bad. They keep the lazy out.

    PS: we wiped 40 times on XT hard and 50 on steelbraker. So prepare for some serious dieing.

  2. 3 Pugnacious Priest July 8, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    thanks Gevlon and Larisa 🙂

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