Smacking Gophers on the head.


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Yogg is dead for the Second week in a row, and on the Tenth attempt for the week. My main role in this fight is a Dispeller I need to get the diseases, and Magic effects off people asap.   I have said that using Decursive, and that clicking on those little boxes makes me feel like I am hitting Gophers on the head.  Right clicking Cure Disease,  Left clicking Dispel Magic. 


The most obvious affect of spending alot of time dispelling  is that DPS Suffers.  So I expect to be a lot lower on the charts.   Another downside of dispelling is the Mana cost  – I have a 20/0/51 Spec for this fight to help in the reduction of Mana costs


3/3 Absolution, and 2/3 Mental Agility goes a long way to making my Dispels a lot more  mana efficient – Meaning I can DPS more, and Dispel more because I have lower casting costs.   I had to put 1 point in Unbreakable Will to get the 15 points required for  Absolution and Mental Agility.  Or I would have rathered 3/3 Mental Agility.  I had to keep 51 points for Shadow so I could still use Dispersion.   I’ve done some reading of Forums, and there doesn’t seem to be alot of stuff about who should be dispelling,  bar ” anyone who can”   I approached our DPS lead because Mana was a serious issue of mine, and he agreed to let me try out the Spec, and I used it for Both our Yogg kills.  To show it works here is a parse of the Log for our attempts.


To be honest I dislike staring at boxes,  Should I have to like it ?  I like that I had a problem, ( mana)   had an idea of solving it ( a more mana efficient dispel spec) and was given the freedom to try a solution – and I feel proud that it works.I think the results speak for themselves.

However – there are alot of variables in the fight – The less  Tentacles that are up = the less things there are to dispel. Attempt 6 had me doing 127  dispels at 39.4 % of all dispels but  the sucessfull kill fight,   I was top dispeller again,  but with only  39 dispels, and 41.1%  The more Dps on the Tentacles  the less there are of them.  So I hope as the fight gets easier there will be less demand for dispelling because DPS will be better  –  so less mana used, and more time I can spend Dpsing so I can get back my duel spec.

I also dislike the idea that anyone who can dispel should.   Because that anyone can be 7 people, healers, dps, tanks, and if 7 people stop what they are doing, to cleanse one thing,  then thats a waste of concentration.  It seems to be now assumed that I will be the main dispeler in Yogg, and as much as I hate staring at boxes,  it makes more sence  to let me –  so that 6 other people can concentrate primarily on their task  – Gimp one person,  not 7.

9 Responses to “Smacking Gophers on the head.”

  1. 1 Shy July 14, 2009 at 6:48 am

    Agreed. Still sucks that one person needs to step into that role, but better one then 7.

    And look at it like this, with all those dispels you save people, allowing them to do more dps or healing.

    So actually their dps is your dps. Adding all that dps together, and the way you prevent people from needing healing you are not only top dispeller, but also top dpser and top healer. 😉

  2. 2 KiwiRed July 14, 2009 at 7:03 am

    I really need to pay more attention to dispels in there – mind you, I really need to redo my UI as I just can’t find a good place to put decursive that isn’t either in the way when I’m dpsing or too far out of the way when I need to dispel…

  3. 3 Maebius July 14, 2009 at 9:30 am

    Congrats on Yoggy-smack-downs. My own guild just happily cleared Naxx10 yesterday with two groups, so we feel confortable peeking in Ulduar (got FL down already once, but it still is sloppy).

    However, more importantly, you said this:
    However – there are alot of variables in the fight … So I hope as the fight gets easier there will be less demand for dispelling because DPS will be better – so less mana used, and more time I can spend Dpsing so I can get back my duel spec.

    This, THIS, should be required understanding for all elitist jerks and forum trolls. You specced a non-cookie cutter to help your group, and your DPS suffered but the others downed a boss. This is called Teamwork, and depending on WHERE a character is in progression, the priorities of spec and gear will change. The accepted “best” is useful as a measuring stick, but should never be an absolute.

    As said in a comment above, your DPS is partially done by other people in this fight, since by dispelling them you allow them to concentrate on other things. The meters won’t show it, obviously, but the dead brains on the floor and Emblems in your pocket speak a different story entirely. 🙂 Grats again.

  4. 4 rapidresponceunit July 14, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    “you prevent people from needing healing”

    Meaning a healer has one less job to do. If you ask me, it’s a healers job priority. Especially when you consider that more DPS means less dispelling needed.

    Plus all we do is smack gophers, so a few more wont hurt 😉

  5. 5 Pugnacious Priest July 14, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    @Shy oh I like the whole their dps is my dps 🙂 Can’t take alllll the credit though
    @kiwired – I stick it under Ora2 which is the very top of my screen and above most of dbm warning messages – If I posted my UI on forums I would get laughed at – but it works for me 🙂 I’d rather not them gimp 2 Shadow P’s in the encounter especially since the dispel interrupts means my dots are always falling off, and I don’t often get to use mindflay to refresh swp
    @Maebius – Cheers – Im only ok with this change because I still get to stay Shadow 🙂 Take me out of Shadow and thats a whole new level of teamwork I don’t like 🙂
    @Rapidraid.. We try and take minimal healers to this fight to maximise the dps – if there were more healers I guess they hopefully would expect them to be doing the the dispeling/cleansing – and it can get pretty intense towards end of phase 2 and 3, its click after click – no time for heals inbetween so I can see why they would want a dps doing it if they are running short on healers anyway – i feel sorry for healers staring at boxes on a more permanent basis though 😦

  6. 6 warcraft guide July 15, 2009 at 4:29 am

    yay. fun post!

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