3.2 day one.

What did I do on day one of the patch?

Played in The Isle of conquest- which is  as laggy as can be, but there are a lot of things to do.   I think people were more concerned about  “Whats down this path”  then winning – but a couple of achievements were had.


I Killed the last boss in 5 man Trial of the Champion – not too exciting.

Did the 25 man normal Trial of the Champion and we killed him getting our first 3 Emblem’s of Triumph ( no achievement for them though – and  learned that  you can’t mindflay  a Snowbold  when its grabbing onto your head .

Did a couple of Ulduar Achievements – now the Scrapbots one was not intentional,  XT is bugged.   He killed us, too many bots were spawning, and we were drowning in them. We gave it a good shot. We killed enough scrap bots that we got an accidental achievement.WoWScrnShot_080509_224104

I also finally got a better love Truncheon  Weapon off Razorscale.  The Guiding star.  It looks like a giant baby’s rattle, and if it weren’t for a healer who was waiting for some more fragments and a fellow Shadow priest passing on it,  I’m not sure I would have gotten it.  So I am grateful for them for passing  however its dropping brought to my attention, an interesting loot rule that’s never affected me before. That Mp5 =  healers priority.  The extra spellpower and the intellect over my previous weapon, well and truly makes up for any gain I would have gotten by keeping a weapon with Spirit  – so regardless that it was a significant upgrade ( 60 odd spellpower and some crit because of more intellect )  if a healer wanted it it was theirs.  Which seems to me more a healer loot priority rather then a stat priority, and that can be a rule on its own.   I’ve been in guilds where tanks and healers  get gear 1st.  They then get bored, because there are no more upgrades ect ect ect…   We get new healers/tanks who take the dps’s loot all over again….   Loot rules are loot rules, and for the most they are fair, but  I am a little annoyed by it –   Gaining 19mp5  – while losing 34 spirit only increases my mana regen  per 5 secs  while not casting by 3 – and regen while casting by  11  – its not a big difference,  and mana is not an issue for now ( I am using dispersion more though)   Could I change the rule? probably not,   Do I care about the rule enough to present a class by class break down on mana regen v spirit for DPS and healers to show the flaw in the generalisation  – Nope.  So I leave it at that. I got it. I was lucky. I’ve been hanging out for a better weapon.


5 Responses to “3.2 day one.”

  1. 1 AShadowPriest August 7, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    Sorry for the late comment, but I missed this post.

    I actually had an argument with my wife about that same mace off Razorscale. Her position was that it was fucked up for DPS to roll on it simply because an mp5 stat could never, ever be justified on a dps item for a dps spec. It was a decent point, if you’re only worried about min-maxing your raid.

    However, it’s significantly more dps than the 1h mace off 10 man Kel’thuzad that I’m still using, and still more than the 25-man version of his mace that used to be best in slot for shadow priests pre-Ulduar. Which also had mp5 on it.

    Unfortunately I just couldn’t make her see reason, in that an upgrade in spellpower is so hugely valuable to shadow priests in particular, among the dps specs, that even an mp5 mace with considerably more spellpower on it becomes very attractive.

    Some people do just have hard and fast ideas about loot that are inflexible, even when opposing views are backed up by data, and it’s not always possible to convince them, especially when loot is on the floor in front of the raid and tempers are likely to flare.

  2. 2 Cassandri August 11, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    I also have Guiding Star. Fortunately one of our tanks is an Ex-Shadow Priest and we don’t have any rules whatsoever that allow healers preference for MP5 items.

    Any spriests that come across this bias need to remind folks that they cannot equip spellpower swords like other casters. In Naxx terms it was The Turning Tide or Torch of Holy Fire – another MP5 mace. There was only 1 options for Shadow Priests.

    In Ulduar both the main hand mace/daggers and 2 handed staffs have 550 Spell Power. Take the 1 hander and you free up room for an offhand. Personally I almost always prefer the main hand + offhand versatility.
    Once you rule out staffs the only real options for Shadow Priests are (a) Guiding Star and (b) Soulscribe.

    Not much choice when you get down to it – you take what’s available to your raid and I have yet to see the Yogg dagger drop.

    • 3 Cassandri August 11, 2009 at 12:48 pm

      Wanted to tack this on:

      Phrase it like this: I can gain 100 spell power from Razor’s mace, or we can try and kill Yogg while I still have a Naxx 10 weapon equipped. And a well geared Shadow Priest can really help with Yogg!

  3. 4 Pugnacious Priest August 11, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    @Cassandri – I also justified it to an officer later explaining its supposed to be our responsibility to chase every upgrade – I didn’t regret ‘fighting’ for it, and pointed out how many people were still waiting for single item drops that never came and that waiting for the perfect item to drop is being a bad raider. Loot rules are loot rules though but good point about the availability of weapons to us. Even looking through the list for weapons we can use that have Hit on them a clear dps stat, with the haste, and crit that are on most of the rest of them – make everything else attractive to healers,
    16 weapons in Ulduar with Sp > 450 the Starshard Edge Dagger Intensity Staff, Unraveling Staff have hit on them – 2 are staffs and I would lose too many other stats like hit/crit/spellpower with my Weapon and offhand to equip one and have not considered them as an upgrade.
    So that leaves me waiting for one dagger to drop – I will be silly to wait. Trial of the champion H have two nice daggers barb and Blade of Tarasque – but I will see what the ladys of fate decide to do with that – IF they drop.
    just my luck though if it drops our 2nd week…

  1. 1 But I Can’t Use a Sword? Trackback on February 3, 2010 at 7:23 am
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