Leveling in Bg’s

As soon as my new Hunter turned 38 I decided to level her to  40 in Bg’s.

I’m currently a couple of bars into level 39 with about 6 hours of play time at level 38 in between Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch.  I had expected  it to be a little faster,  but at level 38 I was getting about 580 odd  xp for a base cap done by my side in AB , its 599 at level 39 and  double that for a flag  in WG  I also seem to get the odd bit of Xp for various stuff for which nothing in particular really happens,  maybe at a resource gathering  point goal in AB

 I’ve already brought one AB badge belt that was a level 28 but better then the green I was wearing anyway , and will have enough badges and then some for a level  40 belt  ( why aren’t there level 38’s pieces anymore? – There are level 48 pieces)  It’s a break from leveling,  but I am not sure I will make it to level 40 bging  when I can quest a lot faster.  

One thing I don’t like about it is while I may be leveling, my Pet is not, I picked up a level 37 Gorilla in STV and called  it Bambam ( though I might rename it Tubthumper)  and he is not getting any xp which disadvantages hunters a little. .

Its good to not have to play with the more serious twinks  – there are still people like me, slightly twinked out in heirloom items, or up and coming twinks, there is also a fair few level 33’s .  So I win some,  I lose some,   it’s still the typical BG experience,  people saying Alliance are %$*&  – people afking ect ect . I like Pvp but I don’t think I would ever want to completely level a  toon in a BG  I think its great for a break from the quest grind, and I think if you at least get to level 10, and are willing to cop flack from everyone else moaning about your hp if your a lower level then you could practically level completely to 80 – if thats the way you really wanted to do it.   However, in most cases you would be quicker leveling questing.

Someone laughed at me in Stormwind  because I was a female dwarf  “No offence” he said  There aren’t too many of us around and I keep forgetting to use her racial, stoneform,  but its been fun playing a hunter so far again.

3 Responses to “Leveling in Bg’s”

  1. 1 Dao August 20, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    yeah i tried it at lvl 73, just wanting to see how long it would take to hit 74 and so far the going is slow. Im a protection warrior, and i do rather well in pvp but i just dont gain a whole lot of experience. Btw, dwarves rule =p.

  2. 2 scott October 1, 2009 at 8:42 am

    idk with the new patch if anything changed, but i seemed to level from 52-60 in one day of av which was nice because i particularly despise 50-60 questing.

  3. 3 ray dirksen January 13, 2010 at 9:15 am

    Yeah, they nerfed the exp gained from battlegrounds which is a shame. But understandable. I levelled my hunter from 71 – 80 in just 9 hours. Thats just sick, just chaining AVs. Ow well.
    It helps to have the right builds to level too. As seen on http://www.hunterlevelingx.com which is mt favourite source. You can just contact the admin and he will answer your question 😀

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