The Guild that Blogs together…

So my ‘comming’ out as a blogger to some people of my guild has gone well so far. To be completely honest I only disclosed my blog because in conversation that two other people have wow specific blogs come up,  and I wanted to share, and say me too! A 3rd has just started in inspiration.

It hasn’t really changed what I want to write about,  but it’s there in the back of my head that at least several guildys, and at least one officer  will see what I wrote.  The officer is looking at our blogs as in-site into their raiders heads.

  Going somewhat public is a big deal for me.  There was never the trust – or the opportunity in other guilds to say -” Hey – you might be interested in knowing I blog about Wow”  but now I wonder if I had of,  would I have also found other bloggers in those guilds,  or have inspired people to write? . Would have I been happier?

None of my friends write, and it can be difficult to discuss  writing in any form with them,  because they only see the finished product ( sometimes) or hear about a sucess. ( I get to attend my own ‘book/zine’ launch where a short story of mine has made it into in September!  Squee!) So writing as communication is important to me,  and I haven’t been able to really share it with people I have ‘real life’ contact with  

The majority of players that know me in Wow  probably won’t care, or even want to read the somewhat haphazard thoughts that leak out of my brain.  However  being able to talk about though in somewhat open-ness has been a massive relief.  Its no longer a big dirty secret, and if its ok with my guildys I will give them a plug 😛

2 Responses to “The Guild that Blogs together…”

  1. 1 Mikata August 19, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    My guild, as far as I know of, had two other bloggers other than myself, who were actually my inspiration to get my started. The three of us are all core healers, and while Ky is the more insightful one, Amber the more humorous one, and I the more noobish one who’s still learning and getting the hang of it, we don’t hold anything back. If anything, has made us closer friends with the constant mockery and examples we make of each other.

    Amber and Ky are both amazing writers, in my opinion, even if Amber is kinda…. spazzish, but that’s why we love her. I made a point that when I started mine, I didn’t want to keep it under wraps or anything of the sort. I kinda wanted it to get out there and let it be known, even if I am a scrub, haha.

    The fact that all three of us can connect and agree on one another’s opinions, it’s a comfort and a sense of relief to know that not only your fellow guildies, but others everywhere can agree with how you feel, or even offer insight if they know better.

  2. 2 theerivs August 19, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    Wierd when I started blogging, no one knew from my guild, I was kind of afraid because I view them as my peers, and would be afraid if they thought my stuff was junk but once I came out of the closet hehe. Everyone complimented me, and really like what I do.

    I’ve been doing a personal blog for awhile, so just doing a video game blog was just an extension of that.

    Little sad note though, my video game blog way way more popular then my personal one. What does that say about my personal life? HAHA

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