Technical Stuff.

My Wow is sick, or getting sick – and  beyond my  troubleshooting ability

Last  weekend has been an interesting array of Wow related game issues.  It all started when I updated to Internet explorer  8 and updated my flash.  I only did both, because my Pc told me those updates were available. I sometimes lose my floor texture, and me and the entire guild look like they are standing on Air.  Makes it difficult trying to  navigate when you can’t see walls,  I also can’t hang out near TOC because my Pc spazzes..  I have to wait in the graveyard for the 25  and when we get told to enter instance  run as quickely into the portal – Once I get in the instance I am fine,  its just for whatever reason where all the vendors are kill my Wow, and Dalaran..   thats a crash or two worth of an exercise..

My current issue that comes and goes is my screen freezes  every few seconds, I thought it was my recount,  and I didn’t have recount  or Quartz last night in raid, and I was fine until we attempted Freya, and I got my freezes all over again.   I’ve  done the normal,  disable non essential add ons  reduced graphics ect ect to no avail.

One of my other issues is vent will kill me out if i am in particular places.  Waiting outside Ulduar  the Argent Crusade training grounds, and now in the Isle.  – its not my net  dropping out,   I have done the drive check ,  updated what I could on my ATI card ( they no longer support my card with a driver its that old)  – Tests have lead me ( with the help of others)  it’s probably my graphics card.   My PC is as old as I have been playing wow,  3 years in December,  so its not THAT old.  

I had a go at Operation Replace Video Card last night after raid,  my brother gave me one of his old cards because I don’t have a Pci slot for my card, so its hard to buy a new one. It failed because I couldn’t get a driver for it  ( it is also old – but better then my card)  So I am going to get a PC built, I want to keep it under 1k ( Aus dollars) which should be easy because I only need software and the tower,  I have 3 working monitors and all the other stuff,   and the computer place built PC’s are SO much better then the mum and dad / family pc packages  especially when you need to pay 3k for a  top line gaming pc that you could build for 1.5 to your specifics.

 At some point I want a new laptop too,  I’m trying Uni by Correspondence,  Its been 10 years since I was at Uni, and trying to Raid/Work full time/Blog / Read copious amount of text book chapters on international relations, and 1st assignment for one of the two subjects  due by end of next week.  I am overtired and exhausted.  But my brain is working again!  I love thinking!It also helps that I can download my lectures to my Ipod.  Technology is awesome!

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  1. 1 teac77 August 21, 2009 at 1:56 am

    doesn’t support PCI? wow… If anything, be sure to get a machine with a dual-core processor (Intel brand or AMD brand). With all of the “services” that come with Windows, it takes a lot of work to balance the workload without slowing down your game, and supporting all of your RAM.

  2. 2 KiwiRed August 21, 2009 at 5:43 am

    @teac77 – I thinks PCI means PCI-Express.

  3. 3 Gravity August 21, 2009 at 8:53 am

    I feel your pain. I have some terrible problems with FPS dropping on Razorscale, and on Kologarn eye-beams, but it’s perfect elsewhere. It’s really hard to isolate. Some guildies have reported problems with TS2 crashing WoW, which is similar to your problem. Annoying as hell isn’t it.

  4. 4 Natarumah August 21, 2009 at 11:35 am

    I have similar issues. 61 FPS everywhere, 24-32 FPS in Stormpeaks/Icecrow, but the moment we harass a boss in Ulduar-25 my FPS drops to 2-3 for most of the fights.

    * Updated graphics and sound card drivers (sound can also cause it)
    * Defragged hard drives
    * Updated addons, deleted ones I did not use
    * Disabled a lot of Vista features that consumed CPU/Memory
    * Placed all video sliders to minimum

    Next thing I could try is see if my antivirus is causing it by scanning too many files being unpacked; maybe disable it for next run and see if it works. If this improves my FPS, I need to get a lighter AV.

    Last option I have now is also to buy a new PC, but that will require some saving up ^_^

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