Weekend Round up.

1.  Got my hunter to level 52 – with the help of some Auction house buying Leveling.   ( buying Un’goro Soil, and Morrowgrain for the Darnassus  seed Quest and also doing the Runecloth Rep Quest in Ironforge for both the Dwarfs  and Gnomes, as well as  all the Cloth Rep quests in Darnassus and  Exodor ) It got me about 3/4 of a level.   ( make sure you do those cloth quests as soon as you level to them.) If your a mage its  easier to do as they come up in all the citys because you can teleport to them, otherwise its too much effort to get out that far, so I saved up my Exodor and Darnassus ones to do all of it together when I was eligible for the “A Donation of Runecloth:” At level 50

2. Made about 1.5 K on the Auction house selling bits n Pieces..  I did some retro farming /collecting round Shatt  after noticing that there were no Primal Airs or Motes of Air on the Auction house.   Mats for that level of enchanting/professions are expensive because  either no one is collecting/farming them – or they are being brought up because people use them.   Stuff like Greater Planars are still selling for 10g each,  and Voids are round 6-10  ( I remember when you couldn’t give them away.. ) I also picked up my free Gems in Nagrand- but they are still only worth a couple of gold each if your lucky.  Also Don’t forget  Halaa and the Disenchantable greens from the weapon vendor there.  You can only buy 1 at a time, so you need to be able to DE them on the spot.  There’s at least 6 weapons for about 2-3 gold you can buy and then sell/use the mats of the process from. 

3.  Saw the Costume contest from Blizzcon on Youtube- Wow.  Just Wow. People are amazing.  Thought Jay went overboard with some of his comments though, am glad “Backstage”  wasn’t recorded.

4. Oh yes… Official announcementof the expansion and trailer.  I am excited, I think most of the changes are great..  – however  its at least 12 months away, and have people forgotten the hype and melodrama, and the changes, and speculation about the Wrath lead up. I love wow.  I really do, but I am not sure my love will survive another set of 12 months + speculation. I want to enjoy the product when it comes, so I am keeping my enthusiasm in check for now.

5.  I went exploring with some guildys.  I’m doing another post on it cause I have some screenies I want to include ( if my card hasn’t rendered them too blobby for posting)   we went to the airstrip, and little village above Menethil  harbour.  I was on such a happy high afterwards,   

6. Got my Twink to level 20 – regardless of best intentions, she will probably never be played again. As soon as I dinged 20 I abandoned the BG and trained the next level of engineering. Stared at what I could make, and went “Meh” and Logged off.

7. Did some Alt gearing/Badge runs  and the 8 Man Naxx achievement  They weren’t intended to be Gearing runs. Well I wasn’t participating to voluntarily gear up peeps – and was disappointed when we needed to bring in 2 more people to help on the 4 horseman ( not  required for  the 8 man achievement) because our “Dps was too low”  We  thought we almost had undying but on our 3rd wing we wiped on instructor ( we had all survived the dance – and Thaddius) but then also had a few deaths on Kael.   Considering one of the tanks had never ever done Naxx before.  I think we did well with the 8 man.

8. I brought the Human Warcraft Priestess  Wow Figurine from thinkgeek,  ( and some other stuff like a Tetris Icecube tray, and a Trek Tee, with ” What happens on the Holodeck – Stays on the Holodeck ” )  ( YES I AM A GEEK :p ) and had to get it delivered to Work so it arrived just in time for the weekend, and I haven’t taken her home from work yet,  so she is currently sitting on my desk ( making me a bigger geek) I know she is human, and holy but they haven’t released a Nightelf Shadow Priest Figurine,  and if they do – I am on it like  humming bird on a flower.  Um… like a noob on an epic..  like  ( you get the point with my bad analogys.. )

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