Dual Guildship.

I’ve noticed, as more and more alts get geared up and leveled to 80 that there is an increasing amount of people who Guild one of their alts in a less progressed guild to raid on that toon. Partly to get raid gear that an alt run would not get them,  or because their mains guild will not let them raid on that toon.

I know this topic has been discussed before,  and as long as their isn’t a scheduling conflict for the raids,  then there shouldn’t be a problem.

However where do your loyaltiess lie?   It should lie with your mains guild first,  and that would mean that after gearing up your tank,  participating in B guilds raids,  vent, and forums,  suddenly your A, ( mains) guild needs a tank,  you can say well my Alt is geared, and I really like playing it would you consider letting me tank. It solves A guilds tank issue, and B guild loses an important team member.

It could be that at the time of joining Guild B really needs a tank,  and the raider who’s loyalties are divided between Toons, and guilds is a good temporary solution to their need,  but wouldn’t you rather know that your new member actually belongs to one of the top guilds on the server on their main, but by knowing that would you treat that player differently,  not give them as much loot because they might be more likely to leave then any other player.

It may be a personal preference of mine,  and it comes down to a time thing too,  but I am a one guild sorta person.  yes I have 2 alt bank guilds, where my unplayed toons sit, and wait for me to log them, but I didn’t join a Guild on my other server,  Nagrand with my baby Shammy, Pretty  I’ve lost interest in her for now,  I have Hunter Alt fever.   ( Level 54 now and I really enjoying BG’s with her.) At the time I was playing my Shammy though  I considered trying to find a nice little guild so that I could listen to idle Gchat while I was playing.  I didn’t want to do group runs, or pay taxes to a guild bank ( like some of the leveling guilds do to their members,)  or help lobies.  I wanted to level – and make enough money along the way for her to be self supporting.  

I’ve had invites to peoples “family guild” A  drunken invite from people looking to get as many people as possible.  One guy was telling me how hard it is to recruit,  invites me.  I decline, and I explain and then he whispers me the next day wanting to know why I left his guild.   I never joined – I told him – he lol’s and says he had been drinking and forgot.  I explain my reasons why again and he replys back in caps  OK OK I GET IT ….   I ask him has he been drinking again,

Yes.. he had been.

but it didn’t seem worth the bother,  I didn’t want to put too much of me in another guild I just wanted to hang, so there was not much point joining one, and maybe it contributed why I have only logged her once since the totem changes came in.  Learnt the new training, and logged off after a Lap around the bank.

I think Dual Guildship could be managed, but I think people need to be honest about it.  It doesn’t make you less of a player,  and it gives people an opportunity to raid on a toon they may not be able to in their mains guild, but because guilds that are raiding like to have their raiders in their guild especially for loot rules and the like, are you being greedy by being in two raiding guilds?

Its like an argument that people have tried to use for employment.  People with more then one job are ‘greedy’  and that one of those jobs could have gone to someone who doesn’t even have one.  I remember juggling three jobs while I was at uni,  because one, wasn’t enough for me to live on, and three made me a living, and allowed me to buy what I wanted. Relating it back to playing,  if you have time to raid with two guilds and you love playing then why not?

However are these duel guilded raiders taking spots that could be filled by someone who doesn’t raid, and wants to, or are people by raiding with two guilds creating more opportunity for more people to get a raid off the ground. I think that would be hard to quantify without finding out how many people duel raid.

  but I were a GM, and knew that this was occuring  – that my raiders were looking elsewhere for something the guild couldn’t fulfil, I think I would want to know.  Using the jobs as an example again,   my jobs were part-time, and they assume I have some flexibility,  so if one job wanted me to do something extra but I couldn’t because I had commitments at another job,  then I am certainly not showing loyalty to my position, but was it any of their business that I had more then one job?  Theoretically only if it interfere with my commitments to them, and thus you can apply that to raiders who duel guild.

So is being in a guild like having a job ?- Arh…  my brain is hurting from all the thinking I have done this week  so I think I will stop thinking.

7 Responses to “Dual Guildship.”

  1. 1 Gevlon August 28, 2009 at 7:09 am

    Dual guildship is a simple product of the player’s interest different from the guild leader’s. The GM wants you to work for “the guild” (actually his goals, usually being as progressed as possible), while you want to play your own way.

    I’m not dual guilded but dual servered, playing BG-s and funny projects with my GF as a mage or lock and healing hard modes on another guild.

    I could do it openly, since my spot is enforced by 5K/week. If I’d be another raider, I’d have to hide my other half.

    • 2 Shy September 1, 2009 at 12:06 pm

      I think it has less to do with your 5K/week then it has to do with their patience for this situation.

      If I would have two guilds, they would both know about it, and the guild who decides all of a sudden that I should be only with them is the guild that may get none of me. As long as I can comply with all the same rules as any other raider has to comply with, what I do outside that ruleset is of no importance.

      It becomes a different case when a guild has specifically set the rule that you have to be their guild only, and you still apply and accept that rule. At this point you were the one who commited to a one guild only relation.

  2. 3 leah August 28, 2009 at 8:04 am

    I’m one of the people who belongs to 2 guilds (bank guild doesn’t counts as its there to give my pack rat tendencies an outlet and prevent drunken guild invites 😛 )
    my main is in a semi serious raiding guild along with couple of alts and my druid and warlock are in a guild of friends I made back when I was leveling (they do raid occasionally when they manage to align their schedules but it never interferes with my mains raid times)
    does it make a difference when it comes to loot? not really, since everything that I can possibly need for my alts and then some can be acquired through heroics (in addition – the choice of a warlock or a resto druid was very deliberate as those were the 2 classes that my friends don’t play, so I’m not really taking gear from anyone if it drops, merely remove the need for a shard) Since my main can both heal or dps, I’m never in a situation where they need me to go to a raid on my alt. however, since I happen to actually like people in my main’s guild beyond raids, if there’s a heroic group forming and my main is saved, I can switch to an alt and it makes no difference to them if my guild tag matches or not.

    So I guess the point to my long winded reply is, in my case – it doesn’t matter one bit, it doesn’t change a single thing. Part of it is because outside of having my main available for official raid times, I have no job like obligations to either of my guilds. And the only reason I would stop raiding on my main is if I got tired of 25 man raiding.

    P.S. on my server at least there’s a hardcore raiding guild that for some reason decided that only mains are allowed into it, but since they themselves often want to raid on more then one character – they have formed a sister guild with more relaxed raiding rules just for that purpose. honestly – it doesn’t really make much sense to me, but it seems to work for them.

  3. 4 Kevmar August 28, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    I ran in dual guilds once where I raided in both guilds. I was less involved in the 2nd guild. The raids were my only real interaction. It was a great way to get better gear on both and I like to raid. The 2nd guild had no clue that I had another character.

    I was a founding officer in the first guild so eveyone knew I had an alt in that other guild that was larger and more progressed than the one we had. (That other guild geared my main too but didn’t know we were the same person). The advantage I had was I could set the schedule to work around the raids of the other guild.

    What that 2nd guild has was a very dependable raider that played well.

  4. 5 Isa August 28, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    I’ve done the dual raiding guild thing. I had a “main” who raided 3 nights a week in a guild a RL friend of mine had joined. And I had another toon who helped tank for a group of in-game Oceanic time zone friends on weekend mornings. And not only was I raiding with both, I was a minor officer in both. These guilds started on the same server, but by the time I had taken up raiding with both, the “main” guild had taken a free transfer to another server. The “main” guild didn’t know about my weekend raiding, but the Oceanic guild knew about my “main”, for pretty much precisely the reasons to which you allude.

    Basically, you have to prioritize your activities, and at some point you may have to give up things. I thought then, and still do now, that it was only fair for the lower priority raid to know that they’d be first off the docket if and when my availability changed. And eventually of course it did; I’ve been a one guild/one server player for over a year now. But I had a good time while I was able, and I don’t think I misrepresented my intentions to anyone while doing so.

  5. 6 theerivs August 28, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    I am an old warhorse, very loyal to the guilds I am in. That means no other guilds (alts or otherwise, except a bank guild.)

  6. 7 Jormundgard August 29, 2009 at 12:28 am

    Players have the right to dual guild if they want, there’s no enforcement saying otherwise (yet). And GMs have no more right to know about it than employers do.

    GMs should only care to the extent that it affects their members’ performance. Anything else is none of their business. They don’t own you or your alts.

    Players seem far too happy to bow down to their GMs and guild bylaws.

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