Technical Problems: Part 2.

Well the good news is.  They are gone.  ( or seem to be)  Not one loss of texture or graphic glitch last nite, not one freeze.  I apprehensively did Freya, waiting for the crash that happened 3 weeks in a row in a particular spot on a trash pull. 

Nothing, and the only thing I changed was the settings on my Norton.

I am almost crying for joy here.

I would crash 10 secs into a 25 man faction champions pull, and also on that Freya pull,  I would get screen freezes that went anywhere from 3- 10 sec intervals on any boss fight.  Which seems to be alleviated by a game restart – sometimes. Sometimes not.  I could not stay in Dalaran.  I used to crash once, and then be ok.  The other night I got booted or frozen 15 times just trying to swap badges for an heirloom item.  I would lose floors. like this below.  Yes thats Mim’s room. Basically it has been a pain, and I have only survived because  I was waiting for the right time,  money and time wise to organise my new pc.

No Floor.

Well its fixed.   The only thing I changed was on Sunday night was run the Norton update that had been bugging me for 2 months. My subscription had been updated without my permission months ago ( oh yeah the auto renewal box was not ticked by me. I was testing it for 12 months and at no time when all the warnings for renewal popped up on my pc did they tell me they set me  up for auto renewal anyway.)  It was something that they did with a lot of customers credit card details that they had kept on file. Which they are not supposed to keep!

“Antivirus vendors Symantec and McAfee have agreed to pay the New York Attorney General’s office US$375,000 in fines to settle charges that they automatically charged customers software subscription renewal fees without their permission”  ( the most reliable source of this information I can find presently is Pc World’s Article here  back in June, I think I read an Aussie equivalent but can’t find the link)

So I upgraded Sunday night before bed,  restarted, It didn’t load, restarted again.  Fine,  opened up Wow to make sure it hadn’t stuffed it up, and it opened ok but didn’t do anything too strenuous with wow.  Shut it down and went to bed.  I logged into Wow Monday night after work and straight up I got lag and screen freezes – ‘frack this’ I said and opened up the Norton control centre to discover several more options for computer security, including a bad file checker that was running constantly, and a live update that seemed to be running every 10 mins. 

I am not a pc guru,  but I know that stuff running in the background like that is going to cause issues, so I started disabling and tweaking some things that were beyond what I would expect a virus checker to do, and not already covered by my Spybot .    I also then got onto vent and ran a few things past some guildys to see if what I was doing was dangerous to my pc security.  My guildys proclaimed.  Norton *spit *spit   “Remove it at once”  

Once I got the settings as I liked,  I restarted wow.   It was smooth.  It was fine.  It was almost raid time, so I headed to Ulduar. Chatting away on vent,   answered a friend on Msn and started gathering inside for  raid,   Msn conversation still going on my 2nd screen ( at this point to reduce system issues I would normally exit out of anything but the bare minimum.) but there were no glitches.   Thorim, Freya, Mim, General, Yogg, Razer, and Ignis.  All done  no freezes, with a browser, and vent and Msn running     /cry for happiness.

Summary:  Norton caused my graphics glitches,  possibly by slowing down my Pc, to the point where nothing would load correctly  hence why my Net and my Vent ping were fine  ( 22 – on a Sydney vent server) and my graphics card did not die a horrible death.  My poor graphics card, that copped all the blame for being so old. Has managed to struggle through the torture I have put it through and has come through.   ❤ my graphics card.  I am so giddily happy.  My tech friend when I explained my issues only grumbled and said could be 50 reasons, and you need a new graphics card.  It all pointed to my card, and it wasn’t,  it was Norton!

I am still getting a new pc,  I’ve paid the deposit, and I am hoping that it will be built by this weekend, but it’s no longer a desperate need.  As long as norton  doesn’t stuff up the patch.

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