Under the Microscope.

There is nothing like scrutiny to push you to new limits,  wanting to be better, and being asked questions of your application to another guild opens your eyes to flaws or things you may not have considered.  You start thinking that you got too comfy in your fishbowl.  A few of us have had to switch mentality a little for the  guild we have app’d to – how flexible are we with specs – our gears and talents under the microscope.   Not that we would expect anything less –  it’s part of the application process at least at the higher end guilds.

Why I was in a weird Shadow offspec?, do I have a  healing set?  Having to justify my gear choices, explain why I use a particular trinket,  answer would I be willing to heal ? Why I am so over hit cap?  ( that question annoyed me a little. ) Explaining some of my gear planning.

Gear planning becomes a little different when your not guaranteed an ‘income’ of badges and gear.  I was running all the 25’s in a week,  at least a full 10 man Toc clear and I had been doing a few 10 Heroic Toc bosses,  plus a daily occasionally – I was eligible to roll on Loot, and I was getting Badges, getting my turn to get trophies, and  that stopped.  This week has been left over guild member run 10’s and we run 25 Toc last night and pugged half the Dps so I have been getting some Badges, and even a trophy. 

We are expecting a reply back from the raiding guild some of us app’d to this week.  Even then,  they need to trial us,  so find a run for us to fit into, which may not even be a full raid,  so we lose a raid id for a week.   Then if we do get accepted wait an official trial period of three weeks before we are eligible for loot.  So realistically that means I’m looking at another month of raiding before I get any on the books upgrades, unless of course no one else wants something, and then it depends on their policy on that.

That means I need to do as much as possible out of raids to get upgrades.  Currently am planning  for Merlins Robe,  fluctuating mat prices means that it will possibly be cheaper to buy it already crafted.  They are going for under 12k for now,  I might do some trade spamage to see if anyone needs to offload one badly for cheaper, but I should have it by next weekend.  I upgraded to a T9 chest this weekend but Merlins robe is still a bigger upgrade,   I’m only 2 piece T9.5  so If I lose the chest  only a T9  ( the 3rd piece)  then I won’t mind,  if I had waited I could have used the trophy I got in a run last night for T9.5 but I had the badges,  and it was better then what I was wearing and when your application is under a microscope,  any upgrade looks better then not trying at all

Apping to stay on server was a bit of a knee jerk reaction – and probably best explained in my reason ” Why do you want apply for … . Blah.. ” . 

I want to do 25 raiding, its disappointing to be needing to leave ……, but I like 25’s. Your recruiting a Shadow priest, and seem to be in the position to be able to deliver 25′ raiding. As a guild you have been around the server for a long time, and hopefully will continue to be stable……

I don’t actually  sound like I want to be there do I ?

Maybe I should set my sights higher – I’m geared,  I have been tweaking rotations and trying to push out as much Dps as possible no matter the competition or class expectation – should I aim for a real raiding guild attempting firsts and real hardmodes,  and that would mean server transferring, might take me a little longer to find a home ,  but 3.3 is a little way off – I’m looking at another month anyway for any guild I get into  to consider me as a ‘raider’   so maybe it’s worth throwing caution to the wind and do something daring ( for me at least)

Being  being ripped to shreds by ‘elitests’  to become a better player could be fun…  I only have had my current fishbowl to be measured against –  lets see how I measure up to the real world of raiders

I should really stop thinking  – and “Just do it!”

3 Responses to “Under the Microscope.”

  1. 1 Lath October 26, 2009 at 6:37 am

    I know that you’ve mentioned before you would prefer to stay on a PVE server. If you are open to a server change and perhaps taking the plunge to a PVP server the other Shadow Priest that recently joined our guild (and Cass blogged about :P) decided to leave just as they got off trial, so Vitare would be open to another Spriest.

    Something to think about – all our priests are girls (completely by accident :P), and we have 3 healy priests already so you wouldn’t be called upon to heal at all.

    We run 25 mans Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon 6:30 – 10:30 AEST and there are 3 10 man groups that run – 2 on Friday & 1 on Saturday.

    We’ve just downed Heroic Twins and are working on Anuby now!

    I probably have just missed it but I can’t see a link to your character so haven’t been able to check out your gear to make sure its ok – let me know if your interested and I’ll have a look first if you like!

  2. 2 Smeg October 26, 2009 at 6:47 am

    Don’t stay on Dath’remar, whatever you do! now is your chance to jump ship. good players tend to group on better progressed servers. get over to frostmourne or barthilas!

    dath totally killed my enthusiasm to continue to play wow.

  3. 3 kaozz October 26, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    Good luck with the new guild. I know how you feel, I’ve been really hesitant with recruiting to another guild lately. I just don’t want to deal with the BS atm lol.

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