New guild – this is getting to be a broken record…

I have been in a new guild now for three whole days. I got to listen to a 4 hour wipe fest on H 25 Twins on monday night on vent after I was accepted – they were not successful, but were making good progress

Last night, the 1st night of new week raiding for us, I ran Normal 25 Toc and Heroic 25 Toc up to the Twins last night with them where they booted me for an extra healer ( I did get to see their twins strat when we did it on normal) Their practise from their attempts on Monday paid off because they got the twins in a couple of tries.

I was told I did fine – I don’t think I am going to make within the top ten on the Dps anytime soon, I did 10th on 25 Normal Beasts, ( don’t forget to reapply SWP after that wall smack!) and no log because they only started logging after champs on Normal, but 11th on that fight on Heroic 25 Beasts I scaled around 11-15th depending on the fight for the rest. I haven’t shamed me, or my class but it’s a little discerning to be so far down the bottom all the time. It does however mean that everyone else is doing so much better, and if anything should push me harder to be better.

I’ve had never successfully done H 25 Beasts, Jaxx and Faction champs. So I was a little thrilled to see that 25 H is really not that much different to 10 H so except dying on H 25 Faction champs because I just kept getting beat upon and fade, fear, meld, dispersion, shield, healthstone ( all my oh crap buttons.. ) could no longer save me

I am a little concern about long term stability – on the monday raid 9 of the 27 raid able were trials – we had 30 people in raid last night – and had lost two raiders the half an hour before raid because one recent app had a life change, and the other person didn’t want to raid with out them. The core officer group seems steady though.

No major issues, a little bit of a later start, and end to what I’m used to, and no sunday raiding, but it seems ok so far.

3 Responses to “New guild – this is getting to be a broken record…”

  1. 1 Cassandri October 29, 2009 at 7:19 am

    I’m usually pretty thrilled if I make top 10 – I come in around 11-13th in HToC most of the time.

    Hope your new guild is nice, even when they’re wiping. Don’t get down about the number of trial raiders – just think, that might be the only reason you were able to join your new guild!

    Good luck.

  2. 2 Scaith October 29, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    There is no need to reapply SW:Pain after Ice Howl’s Staggered Daze. (Stunned by a massive impact, unable to act and taking 100% more damage for 15 sec.) The only time you ever have to manually reapply SW:Pain is when there is a buff to the player, buffs on bosses do not create any sort of modifier from the players end. The only exception of when a boss gains a crit modifying debuff. For a better list and explanation of what times you should reapply SW:P you can go to

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